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Vivid and Bold

30 Apr

The Face a Face collection never fails to include pieces that provide a  graphic impact.  Since 1995 we have stocked this contemporary line and have appreciated it’s wide range of variety .


  Informed by architectural trends and innovation, the frames are conceptualized with an emphasis placed on the sculptural dimensions of each object. Ample  degrees of volume and depth are achieved through the masterful choice of materials and vivid colours.


  By utilizing light weight titanium components, thicker frames can be produced in fuller sizes. The complexity of manufacturing involved  often requires the collaboration of up to ten subcontractors during a typical production period of 6-8 weeks per frame.


  Face a Face president and originator of the brand concept, Pascal Jaulent, leads the design team with his creative direction. As a member of the Comite Francais de la Couleur ( the French committee for colours), he is well informed of the practical and symbolic aspects of colours as well as new trends.


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Definitive Style

17 Apr


Robert Gage wearing an Alain Mikli Frame with Andrea Bolley photographed by J.J> Thompson for the Globe and Mail

Robert Gage wearing an Alain Mikli frame with Andrea Bolley photographed by J.J. Thompson for the Globe and Mail

Hair Stylist Robert Gage has been a loyal and influential client of ours for decades.  His endorsement of our services has resulted in countless referrals and a well- trodden path from his St. Joseph Street salon to our Bay and Bloor flagship location.  Robert is often credited for his impeccable taste and is gracious in  acknowledging Josephson Opticians as the source of his inspired  eyewear  choices.


Robert is featured in the spring/summer 2013 TORONTO LIFE Stylebook and was photographed by Miguel Jacob wearing a frame by Vue dc.  You may never match his wits, but you  could emulate  his look  in similarly round styles by Fancis Klein and Linda Farrow Luxe.


Link to Robert Gage Salon

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No Kidding

12 Apr

Don’t kid yourself.  As our ozone depletes, the adverse effects of sun exposure will compromise our ocular health to a greater extent.  And children’s  eyes  are at the highest risk of damage.

According to the Essilor Group, a world leader in the production of ophthalmic lenses, about 80% of our lifetime exposure to UV radiation occurs before the age of 20.   The penetrating force of  low wavelength radiation is strong enough to result in ocular lesions!

Until a child’s crystalline lens is fully developed,  harmful UVA (Aging rays) and UVB (Burning rays) will be absorbed  by the retina as follows:

-Before age 1, 90% of UVA rays and more than 50% of UVB rays

-From ages 10 to 13, 60% of UVA rays and 25% of UVB rays

As a preventative measure against prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, our Eglinton Avenue location stocks a range of  sunglasses specifically for children. Each pair provides broad spectrum UV protection from their low distortion, optically ground lenses.


Oliver Goldsmith’s OG: Mini Icons are exact replicas of revered vintage pieces scaled to suite ages 4-14.  They are hand made to the  same uncompromising standards as the originals.


The kids are offered exclusive colour combinations , like ‘Jam Sandwich’ and ‘Bumble Bee’, which are unavailable in the adult versions.


A selection of styles  featuring shater resistant lenses is also available from Sons + Daughters Eyewear .

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“There is only one way to see things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes”.

Pablo Picasso


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Dada Entry

10 Apr
a fragment of the film Ballet Mecanique by Fernand Leger and Dudley Murphy, 1924

A fragment of the film Ballet Mecanique by Fernand Leger and Dudley Murphy, 1924

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A Punch of Colour

10 Apr

As April showers begin to wash away the drab remnants of the past winter, colour,  in all it’s vibrant hues,  will surface once more!   In anticipation, we will offer a selection of frames saturated in colour.  Radiate in full spectral splendor wearing a choice  from our selection which includes the gems depicted below.  They are produced by Dita Eyewear  and l. a. Eyeworks.



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Stage Proof 16, screen print on paper, 1972 c. the estate of Richard Hamilton

Stage Proof 16, screen print on paper, 1972
c. the estate of Richard Hamilton

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