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26 Sep
Portrait by luc Tuymans, 2000. The Saatchi Gallery, London Contemporary Art Gallery

Portrait by luc Tuymans, 2000 c. The Saatchi Gallery, London Contemporary Art Gallery

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For those with money burning a hole in their pockets, we can offer  something of value to take it’s place.  Chrome Hearts model ‘Droolin’ is a robust frame which folds to half it’s width- ideal for easy packing in the pants or the purse.


Fitted with stainless steel hinges and featuring  cast sterling .925 fleur details, this articulated frame is a result of  the brand’s rigorous commitment to quality and innovation.


The hand-made case which accompanies this model is crafted of full grain Italian leather (the best genuine raw hide  available) and is embossed with the Chrome Hearts logo.  Marked by such distinctive features, there will be no mistaking where your brand loyalty lies.


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“It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view”.

George Eliot

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Artisanal Cat Eye

05 Sep

The  panther is the most recognizable  animal motif associated with the venerated  house of  Cartier.  A pattern based on the the cat’s spotted coat was first incorporated as a design element on a wrist watch in 1914.

Jeanne Toussaint c.1920  Cartier's director of fine jewelry from 1933

Jeanne Toussaint c.1920
Cartier’s director of fine jewelry from 1933

Due to her elegant and independent nature ‘the Panther ‘ was also the nickname of  Jeanne Toussaint, one of the house’s legendary designers .  Under her influence the Cartier jewelers were the first to explore femininity through the metaphor of the panther.  It’s effigy continues to adorn the houses’ sumptuous  jeweler and eyewear.

The most currant appearance of the panther’s head is as a unique decor  found on a new collection of sunglasses now in stock at our stores.

Inspired by a famous ring featuring the same chiseled lines, the injection molded head decors feature 23 hand lacquered black spots and  green eyes.  The meticulously hand polished  and assembled metal frame components are each plated in a palladium layer and finished in either gold or platinum. The rectangular and cat eye shaped  frames are crafted of tortoiseshell, burgundy and black acetate.

  These expressions of the spirit of the panther are sure to charm!


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