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Divine Decadence

27 Apr



Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, At the Moulin Rouge, 1892-93. The Art Institute of Chicago, Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection

Our most recent arrivals of  Matsuda sunglasses evoke the elegant trappings of the  fin-de-siècle.  In an era were  the visual arts and literature favored artifice over nature and sophistication over simplicity, curious and unconventional forms emerged.

    If we could transport these frames back to  the late nineteenth century they would have been appreciated  then as surely as they are now.  One could anticipate the decay of social order in true Gothic style while adorned by these marvels of intricate detail and refinement.  These fascinating indulgences are currently available at our flagship location.


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André Kertész, Untitled, n.d.-Polaroid SX70

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Girls Gone Wild

08 Apr

Cindy Ray in her studio, Ivanhoe, Australia 1960’s.
Copyright: The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, Amsterdam

  The self-assurance  and ease of being expressed by tattoo artist Cindy Ray in the image above is as inspiring as her eccentric choice of eyewear.  To ladies eager to project  a similar air of irreverence we can offer a bounty of  flirtatious  frame options.

The designers at Linda Farrow ,in collaboration with England`s lingerie institution Agent Provocateur, have created scalloped and studded styles which suggest confidence and sensuality.

  The daughters and wife of Parisian  eyewear craftsman Francis Klein continue to inspire feminine creations which are entirely hand-made and decorated in France.

Fine layers of fabrics laminated within acetate and whimsical embellishments are quintessential features of  this delightful collection.

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