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Thin Is In

27 Nov

An increasing number of frames featuring  slim and slender profiles are finding there way to our shops.  The range of designs produced in Berlin by MYKITA are prime examples of this trend towards refinement.

The ‘Lite’ series consists of  stainless steel frames with 3 mm wide temples weighing as little as 12 grams in total. The openly displayed snap-hinge system, which supplied the innovative principle for all subsequent collections, symbolizes the fundamental design principle of MYKITA; the technical solution must at the same time be an aesthetic one.

Beautiful new frames  from Anne et Valentin are also incorporating finer components to produce striking forms of graphic simplicity. We invite you to view these minimalist marvels at our flagship location.



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Catch The Drift

18 Nov

Hand made by a small team of engineers and artisans in Chicago, Illinois, DRIFT Eyewear is produced with an earnest determination to tell a story.  It is a tale inspired by the tradition of  manufacturing  eyewear in America. The story is also an account of how the  amalgamation of creativity, science, history, design, innovation, structure, and simplicity all converge into something tangible like a frame.

The brand extends its narrative by appropriating the names of characters from novels of  literary fiction in order to identify its models.  The shapes of the acetate fronts of Atticus (Finch), (Holden) Caulfield, Kilgore (Trout) and Dagny (Taggart) may well have flattered their namesake protagonists.

Each DRIFT frame features temples crafted from 5 layers of ethically-sourced timber. Laminations  of tropical Wenge, Walnut and Maple are reinforced with a stainless steel insert which ensures optimal strength, flexibility and balance.

The rich colours and textures offered within the DRIFT collection can be appreciated at our flagship location.


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Irving Penn, Opticians Shop Window, 1939

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Our adventurous male clientele can rest assured that we have much in store to peek their interests.  To discerning gentlemen willing to embrace the new we offer the following  examples of contemporary textures  and colouration of eyewear, as well as innovations in fabrication:

Mykita of Germany produces its  Mylon collection through the process of selective laser sintering.  Formed of super-fine polyamide power, these ultra-modern frames feature a unique surface treatment achieved during a patented process. The ‘platinum grey’ colour depicted exemplifies a trend toward the muted and neutral colours  gaining prominence in menswear.


The unconventional combination of matted and polished surfaces on a single frame is a strong feature of the current collection from Bevel. The process requires many steps as portions of the frame are masked while the colour finish is applied. This model features a front formed out of  a solid sheet of 3mm thick titanium free of solder points.

The dynamic combination of polished acetate elements with matte finished  metals has been perfected by Anne et Valentin.  Volume of form is achieved in the absence of  conspicuous bulk and weight.

The Legacy collection from Claire Goldsmith features hand crafted  acetate frames which are distinguished by their sculptural elements and unique colour combinations.  This pairing  of matte  black and jade is  particularly natty.

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