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Evolving Elegance

31 Jan

The new  Symboliques collection produced by Ann et Valentin embodies  classical notions of elegance  presented in contemporary forms.  The models from this collection feature hinges inspired by the shape of the musical treble clef  (a symbol denoting the pitch of written musical notation) and the quadrant designed by Augustin Stark (a device which measures the distance between celestial bodies).

Image of quadrant attributed to Augustin Stark sourced from the Treasures of the NOAA Library Collection

Delicate and distinctive, these hand crafted frames are  imbued with subtle eccentricity.  They are the  ideal choice  for  modern dandies, romantics and keen observers.

The model Bressel, depicted above, is  inspired by old-fashioned lorgnettes.  Anne et Valentin suggests  that it  is well suited to “the forensic scientist, and even the crazy chemist, living on a knife’s edge”.

The Ann et Valentin collection is available at our Flag Ship and Eglinton Avenue locations.

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Framing Local Faces

24 Jan

In celebration of our 80th year as a purveyor of exceptional eyewear in Toronto, we have launched a campaign featuring a sampling of our diverse and influential clientele. A selection of taste-makers, recognized as excerpts in their fields and representing a variety  of professions, were invited to participate in the exclusive shoot.  The pairing of the magazine cover concept with our Josephson patrons was conceived by the campaigns artistic director Ryan Conrad.

Featured faces include the following: celebrity chef Susur Lee, Globe and Mail Style Editor Nathalie Atkinson, Men’s Fashion Editor-in-Chief David Livingstone, Backseat Stylers blogger Sharon Ng Hayes, nationally celebrated photographer George Pimentel, stylist & jewelry designer Rosalyn Griffith-Hall and industrial designer & model  Jano Badovinac. We are grateful for  their support and participation in our promotion!










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A great pleasure during our trip to Paris in September was the discovery of the Volte Face collection of eyewear. A volte-face is defined as an abrupt and complete reversal of attitude, opinion, or position. The luminous qualities of these frames are a welcome alternative to the  opaque and  chunky styles which have dominated the market for  some time.

   Under the creative direction of Fabienne Couray-Meisel, her design team has produce a  collection which is discreetly chic and tasteful.  Most models  features  textured  layers of laser engraved acetates which reflect light and shimmer as though lit from within.

   The juxtaposition of matted and polished surfaces upon these sculpted forms reveals volume and enhances their radiance.  An elegant range of colours compliments the patterns which embellish this beautiful eyewear.

The Volte Face collection is currently available at our Flagship location.




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True to Form

20 Jan

Celebrating its 15th year in production, the MICHEL HENAU eyewear collection remains an anomaly in our industry by presenting a consistent style which is rarely in step with what is ‘on trend’.   Designer Marc Delagrange, based in Kortrijk Belgium, creates with the end wearer’s comfort in mind and the intent of  producing  objects which are contemporary and timeless.

DSC_0418   Hand crafted in France, these refined  frames invariably feature a simplicity of shapes free of embellishment. There is great variation within the collection in regards to scale  which broadens its appeal.

   These bold forms actually flatter and compliment the uniqueness of our faces which, structurally, vary greatly from the ‘idealized’ oval.

   We encourage you to marvel at the unique qualities of the MICHEL HENAU eyewear collection at our Flagship location.

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Mondrian’s Glasses and Pipe, Paris, 1926 (c) Estate of André Kertész


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Now in stock at our Flagship and Eglington Avenue location,  the new releases from Thierry Lasry feature an exceptional array of colours and patterns.

These handcrafted sunglasses feature remarkable  laminations of  acetates which resemble marbled and mosaic surfaces.  Translucent elements allow for a dramatic play of light, and under certain conditions the frames appear almost luminous.

Vibrant and playful, these accessories will be appreciated for their style during the drab days of winter. They  will also provide essential eye protection when the sun returns, or you follow it South!


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