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My most gratifying experience while attending  North America’s premier optical trade show last spring was my encounter with Elizabeth Faraut, Creative Director and CEO of La LOOP.

Our meeting was her first appointment booked  at the event and she graciously  acquainted  me with new designs, twenty of which are typically released each season.

Elizabeth’s unwavering  passion for the unique item she developed in 1999 was expressed through her description of it’s production and in the  manor she physically handled the luxurious and essential accessory.  Its creation was born of necessity.

Having misplaced too many pairs of glasses, herself, Elizabeth created a stylish and  functional line of jewelry from which eyewear can be suspended.  A La LOOP retains the integrity of a frame’s adjustment as it hangs without compromising the wearer’s style.

Patented for utility and design, the 360-degree hinges on either side of the loop keep  glasses secure and in place without bending, twisting, or falling out. When the glasses hang, the necklace moves independently of the loop leaving the frame laying flat and stable against the wearer.

The first necklace for eyewear, La LOOP has been recognized worldwide as an invention by countless museums including New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Elizabeth personally oversees the production of the hand-made  pieces and ensures that the  materials incorporated are sustainably sourced from local suppliers within  their countries of origin. These adornments include fresh water pearls, pyrite, agate, quarts, wood and shell.

Most loops are sterling silver, while others are plated in gold vermeil, antiqued and satin finishes. The leathers used in the necklaces come from a fifth-generation mill in Northern Italy. Gemstone and beaded La LOOPS are strung on nylon thread for added durability and finished with a matte French wire.

We stock an extensive selection of La LOOPS and a variety of hand-made eyewear leashes. We invite you to all Josephson locations in order to appreciate Elizabeth’s innovations.


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An extensive selection of tortoise patterned frames are currently in stock at all of  our Josephson locations. Great variation exists within the range of colour, depth of opacity and degree to which the patterns are mottled.  Frames from the collection of German’s Lunor eyewear, for example are available in dark and light Havana, Havana maroon, Tokyo and red Tokyo tortoise, as shown, above.

Further distinctions are achieved through the lamination of  additional layers of acetate featuring contrasting patterns, as depicted, below,  in the image of a frame by Harry Lary’s.

Matting the surface of a  frame provides additional character to models featuring unique colouring. Such treatment was applied to the Mykita sunglass, below, achieving striking results.


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As a recipient of  no less than 72 international design awards and an appointment to the Royal Danish Court , Lindberg Eyewear  has surpassed a distinction it achieved in 1985. That year the frame manufacturer became the world’s first to incorporate titanium into its designs.

The Lindberg Horn collection incorporates titanium components with the highest quality horn which is  sustainably sourced from the world’s unique water buffalo breads. Only the outermost portions of the horn are used.  Individual nuances in colouration and pattern mean that each pair of glasses is always one of  a kind. The collection is comprised of a variety of 18 timeless shapes in an impressive range of scale.

Horn is extremely  light weight  and hypoallergenic. Each frame front features layers of laminated horn to strengthen and stabilize the organic and porous material.  6 combinations of colours are available, made to order, incorporating 3 depths of brown and  deep black.  A new matte “Shadow” effect is also optional.

3 lengths of temples are available in 3 colour finishes of plate titanium. Custom ordered and handmade, these exceptional products of Denmark are subtle, personal expressions of taste and refinement.

Selections from the Lindberg Horn collection are featured at our Flagship and Humbertown Center locations.

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Harry Lary’s

14 Jul

A currant  selection of  hand-crafted  frames  produced by Harry Lary’s has arrived from France.  Designed under the artistic direction of Thierry Lasry, the new collection is a continuation of the legacy established by his father, Harry.

The brand’s creations are distinguished by the pairing of  elegant metal temples in gold, silver and matte black finishes  with sculpted acetate fronts.

Sophisticated laminations of opaque and translucent sheets of acetates sourced in Italy  provide depth of colour and dramatic volume.  These feminine forms  are the epitome of contemporary elegance and modern refinement.

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We are humbly soliciting  our clienteles’ endorsement of the quality of products and services available at Josepshon Opticians.  If we have managed to exceed your expectations by providing an exceptional experience, then you are encouraged to  validate our nomination for Toronto’s Best Optical Store.

Follow the link below in order to cast your vote:

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Illustration of John Lennon by Robert Bailey sourced from MYKITA JOURNAL


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Follow the link below to access our recent Canadian Living Magazine feature by Alexandra Donaldson:

How to find the best glasses for your face shape



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