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Founded in the year 2000 by an American just back from an editorial shift in Paris, and a Wall Street business woman who had recently taken over the jewelry division at Southeby’s. The former Parisienne editor had recently “invented” a sleek piece of hardware with special rotating hinges that could attach to a necklace and hold a pair of glasses in place. Born was the La LOOP.

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The La LOOP necklace marries fashion with function – a combination of modern practicality and stylish jewelry. This provides for a practical and yet chic accessory. With patented technology, the 360-degree swivel hinges on either side of the loop provides for lateral and vertical movement, keeping your eyeglasses in place and allowing the loop to lay flat with the necklace portion moving independently.

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At first this patented La LOOP was only available in the most exclusive Manhattan neighborhoods, but today is available in hundreds of stores all around the world.

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La LOOP continues to innovate, designing more than 20 new styles each season, providing works of art made with the highest standards in a variety of luxurious materials. Materials such as leathers from a fifth-generation mill in Northern Italy, wood from the Philippines, opal from Brazil,. pearls and shells from New Zealand, and turquoise from New Mexico. La LOOP’s commitment to quality is seen by the amount of time put into creating each La LOOP. This provides for each piece being a work of art.

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Josephson Opticians is proud to carry a large collection of La LOOP’s. A perfect gift for your loved ones for the holiday season to come. Show you care by purchasing a La LOOP necklace and add the stylish accessory to your fashion wardrobe at the same time.

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