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04 Aug

  Our assortment of hand made frames by Bevel continue to have broad appeal and remain perennial favorites. We have carried the brand  since 1999 and the quality of  its Japanese production has been as consistent as the classic and minimalist esthetic of each collection.

Founders Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson maintain that eyewear is as essential to personal style and self-esteem as apparel or cosmetics. Their frames are designed with that  adage in mind.

  The dynamic pairing of bright and bold colours applied in matte finishes is a typical  feature on Bevel’s pure titanium models. Hues such as teal, crimson and spearmint constitute a pallet of great breadth and variation.

We invite you to appreciate the range of Bevel’s currant collection, in person, at all of our Josephson locations.



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Within the Bevel Eyewear collection there is an  abundant variety of  frame sizes, colours, materials and shapes.    The range is so comprehensive that  every client could potentially find a specimen within it that suites them.

In production since 1999, all Bevel frames  have shared the classification of being functional, flattering and fun.  All design elements they incorporate are meant to enhance the look, fit and performance of each model.  Void of  conspicuous  adornments,  the collection features only a refinement of  elements which are essential to comfort and a minimal aesthetic.

illustration by Olaf Hajeck

Co-founders Rick Nelson and Richard Mewha remain invested in elevating the standards of production of frames and the public’s perception of  the  value of eyewear.  Their commitment to research and development  in manufacturing in Japan have  resulted in innovations which benefit the end wearer in terms of fit.  Richard’s designs and unique colour choices for  frames  are in benefit of making their eyewear as essential to personal style and self-esteem as apparel or cosmetics.

Illustration by Olaf Hajeck


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