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Feline and Feminine

06 Oct

Enseigne du caberet “le chat  noir”, Adolphe Léon Willette. Copyright c.c. Musée Carnavalt / Roger-Viollet

Like the enduring allure of feline attributes, beautiful frames of lasting quality will continue to entice and charm.  New, feminine  models from Dita Eyewear and Claire Goldsmith feature hallmarks of old world craftsmanship while affecting the aura of the cat.

Hand crafted in Japan, Dita models Rebella and Willow are both bold and seductive. Their sleek lines emulate the stealth and supple grace of a cat. These frames should appeal to the free spirited and rebellious!

Offerings from Claire Goldsmith’s Legacy Collection pay homage to the spirit of vintage styling. The rich warm colouring of model Rixon in tortoise and plum is ideal for the season.  The style is romantic and versatile. A woman wearing them could appear as confident or as aloof as a cat, depending on her mood!

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Our adventurous male clientele can rest assured that we have much in store to peek their interests.  To discerning gentlemen willing to embrace the new we offer the following  examples of contemporary textures  and colouration of eyewear, as well as innovations in fabrication:

Mykita of Germany produces its  Mylon collection through the process of selective laser sintering.  Formed of super-fine polyamide power, these ultra-modern frames feature a unique surface treatment achieved during a patented process. The ‘platinum grey’ colour depicted exemplifies a trend toward the muted and neutral colours  gaining prominence in menswear.


The unconventional combination of matted and polished surfaces on a single frame is a strong feature of the current collection from Bevel. The process requires many steps as portions of the frame are masked while the colour finish is applied. This model features a front formed out of  a solid sheet of 3mm thick titanium free of solder points.

The dynamic combination of polished acetate elements with matte finished  metals has been perfected by Anne et Valentin.  Volume of form is achieved in the absence of  conspicuous bulk and weight.

The Legacy collection from Claire Goldsmith features hand crafted  acetate frames which are distinguished by their sculptural elements and unique colour combinations.  This pairing  of matte  black and jade is  particularly natty.

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Grover and Buffy Sainte-Marie on Sesame Street c. 1970. Children's Television Workshop

Grover and Buffy Sainte-Marie on Sesame Street c. 1970. Children’s Television Workshop

Certain shades of blue can evoke a cool, reflective mood.  The colour has inspired  and preoccupied innovative  artists such as Joni Mitchell and Pablo Picasso.  Indigo, specifically, is regarded as the colour of intuition, perception and the higher mind.   Blues are powerful, dignified and integral to heightening the powers of perception.

La Celestina, 1904 by Pablo Picasso. Musee National Picasso, Paris

La Celestina, 1904 by Pablo Picasso. Musee National Picasso, Paris

The French  conceptual artist Yves Klein developed his own shade of blue  in observance of the Nouveau Realisme movement’s manifesto which encouraged  the production of work inspiring a “new way of perceiving the real”.

Sill, 1960 by Yves Klein. Mixed media

Sill, 1960 by Yves Klein. Mixed media

It is only fitting   that optical devices suited to enhancing ones vision should incorporate a colour believed to effect perception!  Some frames crafted by Claire Goldsmith and Anne et Valentin are produced in an intense ‘Indigo’.

The deep, dramatic laser etched finish of  l.a. Eyeworks‘ Flying Wallendas model is accentuated by its presentation in ‘Liquid Navy’ as depicted below.

We invite you to appraise our selection and to experience the merits of blue!

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