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My most gratifying experience while attending  North America’s premier optical trade show last spring was my encounter with Elizabeth Faraut, Creative Director and CEO of La LOOP.

Our meeting was her first appointment booked  at the event and she graciously  acquainted  me with new designs, twenty of which are typically released each season.

Elizabeth’s unwavering  passion for the unique item she developed in 1999 was expressed through her description of it’s production and in the  manor she physically handled the luxurious and essential accessory.  Its creation was born of necessity.

Having misplaced too many pairs of glasses, herself, Elizabeth created a stylish and  functional line of jewelry from which eyewear can be suspended.  A La LOOP retains the integrity of a frame’s adjustment as it hangs without compromising the wearer’s style.

Patented for utility and design, the 360-degree hinges on either side of the loop keep  glasses secure and in place without bending, twisting, or falling out. When the glasses hang, the necklace moves independently of the loop leaving the frame laying flat and stable against the wearer.

The first necklace for eyewear, La LOOP has been recognized worldwide as an invention by countless museums including New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Elizabeth personally oversees the production of the hand-made  pieces and ensures that the  materials incorporated are sustainably sourced from local suppliers within  their countries of origin. These adornments include fresh water pearls, pyrite, agate, quarts, wood and shell.

Most loops are sterling silver, while others are plated in gold vermeil, antiqued and satin finishes. The leathers used in the necklaces come from a fifth-generation mill in Northern Italy. Gemstone and beaded La LOOPS are strung on nylon thread for added durability and finished with a matte French wire.

We stock an extensive selection of La LOOPS and a variety of hand-made eyewear leashes. We invite you to all Josephson locations in order to appreciate Elizabeth’s innovations.


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The sunglass  styles of Parisian designer Thierry Lasry epitomize  the current  take  on  glamour.  They exemplify a balance between timeless good taste  and innovation.  The collection features ‘retro-futuristic’ forms which are elegantly sculpted from vintage acetates sourced from the venerated Italian supplier Mazzucchelli.

The soft edged and typically up-swept shapes are ample in scale yet well proportioned. They manage to  flatter the wearer’s facial features without concealing them.  The voluptuous fronts appear to float on the face and are gracefully supported by slender metal temples.


George Hurrell photograph sourced from the 15th issue of Acne Paper

Thierry’s  use of unique colour combinations and patterns of  rare acetates warehoused  since the 1980’s  enhances the allure of his creations.  His ‘neo-vintage’  styles have been  produced in France since the launch of his line in 2006.  Thierry has also been the artistic director of his father’s ophthalmic frame line Harry Lary’s since 2002.


George Hurrell photograph sourced from the 15th issue of Acne Paper

 Thierry Lasry sunglasses can be sourced in the worlds most prestigious contemporary boutiques including London’s Dover Street Market and Lane Crawford shops in Hong Kong.  In Toronto you are invited to appreciate  the collection at our Bayview  and Flagship locations.

In keeping with the designer’s ‘neo-vintage’  aesthetic, we  recently displayed his modern eyewear paired with  images produced by George Hurrell,  a photographer who made a significant contribution to the perception of glamour presented by Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940s.

George Hurrell photograph sourced from the 15th issue of Acne Paper



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Our valued client and Toronto resident Carole Tanenbaum has earned an international reputation as an authority on the subject of vintage costume jewelry.  Her world renowned collection of bijou adornments reflects her passion and rarefied taste for exceptional accessories.

Like impeccably designed eyewear,  a beautiful piece of jewelry can become the focal point of an ensemble.  In regards to incorporating  an accent piece with an outfit Carole suggests that “there’s really no better way of posturing yourself as a unique dresser or feeling great about what you throw on”.



You can view pieces from Carole’s remarkable collection virtually at her website or take advantage of a rare opportunity to admire them  in person.  We will be utilizing our 2536 Bayview Avenue location as a venue for showcasing a selection of her vintage couture jewelry on Wednesday October 9th from 2:00- 6:00 pm and on Thursday October 10th from 2:00- 8:00 pm.

We appreciate  that our  sophisticated clientele   shares  Carole’s appreciation of accessories and that they will be grateful of this rare local opportunity.

Link to

Josephson Opticians

2536 Bayview Avenue (at York Mills Road), North York, ON



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For those with money burning a hole in their pockets, we can offer  something of value to take it’s place.  Chrome Hearts model ‘Droolin’ is a robust frame which folds to half it’s width- ideal for easy packing in the pants or the purse.


Fitted with stainless steel hinges and featuring  cast sterling .925 fleur details, this articulated frame is a result of  the brand’s rigorous commitment to quality and innovation.


The hand-made case which accompanies this model is crafted of full grain Italian leather (the best genuine raw hide  available) and is embossed with the Chrome Hearts logo.  Marked by such distinctive features, there will be no mistaking where your brand loyalty lies.


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Grover and Buffy Sainte-Marie on Sesame Street c. 1970. Children's Television Workshop

Grover and Buffy Sainte-Marie on Sesame Street c. 1970. Children’s Television Workshop

Certain shades of blue can evoke a cool, reflective mood.  The colour has inspired  and preoccupied innovative  artists such as Joni Mitchell and Pablo Picasso.  Indigo, specifically, is regarded as the colour of intuition, perception and the higher mind.   Blues are powerful, dignified and integral to heightening the powers of perception.

La Celestina, 1904 by Pablo Picasso. Musee National Picasso, Paris

La Celestina, 1904 by Pablo Picasso. Musee National Picasso, Paris

The French  conceptual artist Yves Klein developed his own shade of blue  in observance of the Nouveau Realisme movement’s manifesto which encouraged  the production of work inspiring a “new way of perceiving the real”.

Sill, 1960 by Yves Klein. Mixed media

Sill, 1960 by Yves Klein. Mixed media

It is only fitting   that optical devices suited to enhancing ones vision should incorporate a colour believed to effect perception!  Some frames crafted by Claire Goldsmith and Anne et Valentin are produced in an intense ‘Indigo’.

The deep, dramatic laser etched finish of  l.a. Eyeworks‘ Flying Wallendas model is accentuated by its presentation in ‘Liquid Navy’ as depicted below.

We invite you to appraise our selection and to experience the merits of blue!

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