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Tis  the season  when new eyewear is arriving at all of our locations.  We’d like to share with you a selection of  styles and innovations  from the current collections.



Complimentary duo tones and contemporary shapes  distinguish Bevel frames from the rest.



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Tis the season  when new eyewear  is arriving at all of our locations.  We’d like to share with you a selection of  styles and innovations  from the current collections.




The irreverent play of proportions continues  to be a  feature of the  Thom Browne  collection.

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Rare and Refined

19 Nov

A new addition to our selection of Cartier frames is a handsome and exceptional sunglass. Crafted from the burl wood of a tree native to the Ambon Island in Indonesia, the temples of this model feature a distinctive tangled vain. The rare grain of the wood is complimented by the smooth champagne gold finish of the C Decor at the hinge.


Amboyna burls yield very peculiar and highly figured wood.  The beauty of  this highly prized material  is most commonly  featured in examples of  exquisite marquetry. 

Campaign Secretary of Exotic Amboyna and Ivory inlay c.1820-40. Image sourced from

Campaign Secretary of Exotic Amboyna and Ivory inlay c.1820-40. Image sourced from

An  alternative to the precious Cartier frame which features a faux burl motif is produced by the French  eyewear company Vue dc…   The rich red colour and grain-like pattern  of this  zyl  frame are  equally exceptional .


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Seductive Duo Tones

15 Nov

The latest collection of frames from Orgreen Optics beautifully balances subdued mat finishes with glossy opulence.  It’s as though the  extremes of a  nuanced  theatrical performance and a flashy closing number  have been paired  to offer the breadth  of a visual experience.


  The play of textures and the connotations  they evoke are intentionally based on expressive performances. The inspiration behind Orgreen’s currant campaign are cinematic style, theatrical documentary, film noir and strong dynamics.


  Named after actors of such renowned as ‘Bogart’, film directors and sultry Bond Girls, the new frames now available at our locations   should have broad appeal.

Still shot of  Bacall and Bogart from the film trailer for Dark Passage, 1947.

Still shot of Bacall and Bogart from the
film trailer of Dark Passage, 1947.


  Pairings of colours such as Mat Copenhagen Blue with Shiny Gold and Mat Safari with Palladium offer a complex and elegant  titanium alternative to the bolder statement of an acetate frame.



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Architect, patron, photographer, writer, museum director, curator and philanthropist- Montreal resident Phyllis Lambert is each.

Saidye Bronfman Centre. Designed by Phyllis Lambert.
Photographed by Richard Nickle.1970.
Fonds Phyllis Lambert, Collection Centre Canadien d’Archictecture

At the age of 27 she implored  her father, liquor tycoon Samuel Bronfman, to re-evaluate his options in regards to the construction of the Seagram Building, the company’s American headquarters office tower at 375 Park Avenue in New York City. In a letter to her father Phyllis wrote  in the  margin that “it is quiet elegance, harmony, sobriety, humility that makes beauty, not flashiness.”


Ezra Stoller | Seagram Building, Mies van der Rohe with Philip Johnson, New York, NY, 1958 | Gelatin Silver Print | © Ezra Stoller, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

The young visionary was  astute in choosing  to employ architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and his protege Philip Johnson to design the site. Under her guidance as director of planning the Seagram Building became the landmark of 20th century architecture.


Phyllis Lambert photographed by Marie-Claude Hamel

Phyllis was also astute in choosing to wear frames from the Danish company Lindberg.  Their designs from the AIR Titanium RIM collection live up to her estimations of beauty for they achieve a quite elegance, harmony and sobriety.  The minimalist aesthetics and construction of  Lindberg’s eyewear must appeal to the architect’s sensibilities.


The n.o.w. collection is currently available at our stores. These innovative new models weigh only 2.3 grams. Their fronts are constructed of a composite material to a thickness of only 2 mm. Thin titanium temples and nose pad arms complete the designs and  are classic  Lindberg features.  Surly Phyllis would approve.



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Our valued client and Toronto resident Carole Tanenbaum has earned an international reputation as an authority on the subject of vintage costume jewelry.  Her world renowned collection of bijou adornments reflects her passion and rarefied taste for exceptional accessories.

Like impeccably designed eyewear,  a beautiful piece of jewelry can become the focal point of an ensemble.  In regards to incorporating  an accent piece with an outfit Carole suggests that “there’s really no better way of posturing yourself as a unique dresser or feeling great about what you throw on”.



You can view pieces from Carole’s remarkable collection virtually at her website or take advantage of a rare opportunity to admire them  in person.  We will be utilizing our 2536 Bayview Avenue location as a venue for showcasing a selection of her vintage couture jewelry on Wednesday October 9th from 2:00- 6:00 pm and on Thursday October 10th from 2:00- 8:00 pm.

We appreciate  that our  sophisticated clientele   shares  Carole’s appreciation of accessories and that they will be grateful of this rare local opportunity.

Link to

Josephson Opticians

2536 Bayview Avenue (at York Mills Road), North York, ON



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For those with money burning a hole in their pockets, we can offer  something of value to take it’s place.  Chrome Hearts model ‘Droolin’ is a robust frame which folds to half it’s width- ideal for easy packing in the pants or the purse.


Fitted with stainless steel hinges and featuring  cast sterling .925 fleur details, this articulated frame is a result of  the brand’s rigorous commitment to quality and innovation.


The hand-made case which accompanies this model is crafted of full grain Italian leather (the best genuine raw hide  available) and is embossed with the Chrome Hearts logo.  Marked by such distinctive features, there will be no mistaking where your brand loyalty lies.


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Artisanal Cat Eye

05 Sep

The  panther is the most recognizable  animal motif associated with the venerated  house of  Cartier.  A pattern based on the the cat’s spotted coat was first incorporated as a design element on a wrist watch in 1914.

Jeanne Toussaint c.1920  Cartier's director of fine jewelry from 1933

Jeanne Toussaint c.1920
Cartier’s director of fine jewelry from 1933

Due to her elegant and independent nature ‘the Panther ‘ was also the nickname of  Jeanne Toussaint, one of the house’s legendary designers .  Under her influence the Cartier jewelers were the first to explore femininity through the metaphor of the panther.  It’s effigy continues to adorn the houses’ sumptuous  jeweler and eyewear.

The most currant appearance of the panther’s head is as a unique decor  found on a new collection of sunglasses now in stock at our stores.

Inspired by a famous ring featuring the same chiseled lines, the injection molded head decors feature 23 hand lacquered black spots and  green eyes.  The meticulously hand polished  and assembled metal frame components are each plated in a palladium layer and finished in either gold or platinum. The rectangular and cat eye shaped  frames are crafted of tortoiseshell, burgundy and black acetate.

  These expressions of the spirit of the panther are sure to charm!


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Illustration of Debbie by Jennifer Orkim Lewis and attributed to August Wren

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The Space Between

22 Jul


Specimen of Lace, William Henry Fox Talbot circa 1839-1845, National gallery of Canada

Specimen of Lace, William Henry Fox Talbot circa 1839-1845, National Gallery of Canada

An  indication of good design is the achievement of a critical balance between form and negative space.  This  rule applies as well to the production of lace as it does to the manufacturing of eyewear.


  l.a. Eyeworks has filled a niche of sorts with a collection that has left things out.  Using state of the art techniques to perforate stainless steel, this innovated company  has created  delicate patterns by combining open space with dense texture.


  Because they  reference a contemporary trend of  using  perforated steel  in industrial design and architecture, these frames are truly of the moment.

Housing Hatert by 24H architecture, photo by Boris Zeisser

Housing Hatert by 24H architecture, photo by Boris Zeisser





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