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The Rim Is In

30 Dec

The decorative application of a Windsor rim upon the eye-wire of a metal frame is by far the strongest trend observed in the contemporary collections available through Josephson Opticians. The revival of this classic 19th century embellishment references the  past, but it’s modern relevance should appeal to a new generation of  connoisseurs.

A vintage inspired tortoise patterned acetate rim applied to a titanium frame by Robert Marc.

Typically found on round or panto shaped frames, the rim treatment is typically made of acetate, but may be crafted of leather or a fine veneer of wood.

An utterly modern innovation by Bevel– a contrasting coloured titanium insert mounted within a frame.

Like Windsor rim treatments, inserts set  within thin metal eye-wires provide otherwise modest frames a similar depth of character.

An example of Harry Lary’s evolution of style towards a refined aesthetic.

An extensive offering of hand crafted frames featuring Windsor rims and eye-wire inserts are currently available at Josephson Opticians’ locations throughout Toronto.

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An extensive selection of tortoise patterned frames are currently in stock at all of  our Josephson locations. Great variation exists within the range of colour, depth of opacity and degree to which the patterns are mottled.  Frames from the collection of German’s Lunor eyewear, for example are available in dark and light Havana, Havana maroon, Tokyo and red Tokyo tortoise, as shown, above.

Further distinctions are achieved through the lamination of  additional layers of acetate featuring contrasting patterns, as depicted, below,  in the image of a frame by Harry Lary’s.

Matting the surface of a  frame provides additional character to models featuring unique colouring. Such treatment was applied to the Mykita sunglass, below, achieving striking results.


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