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Divine Decadence

27 Apr



Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, At the Moulin Rouge, 1892-93. The Art Institute of Chicago, Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection

Our most recent arrivals of  Matsuda sunglasses evoke the elegant trappings of the  fin-de-siècle.  In an era were  the visual arts and literature favored artifice over nature and sophistication over simplicity, curious and unconventional forms emerged.

    If we could transport these frames back to  the late nineteenth century they would have been appreciated  then as surely as they are now.  One could anticipate the decay of social order in true Gothic style while adorned by these marvels of intricate detail and refinement.  These fascinating indulgences are currently available at our flagship location.


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Girls Gone Wild

08 Apr

Cindy Ray in her studio, Ivanhoe, Australia 1960’s.
Copyright: The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, Amsterdam

  The self-assurance  and ease of being expressed by tattoo artist Cindy Ray in the image above is as inspiring as her eccentric choice of eyewear.  To ladies eager to project  a similar air of irreverence we can offer a bounty of  flirtatious  frame options.

The designers at Linda Farrow ,in collaboration with England`s lingerie institution Agent Provocateur, have created scalloped and studded styles which suggest confidence and sensuality.

  The daughters and wife of Parisian  eyewear craftsman Francis Klein continue to inspire feminine creations which are entirely hand-made and decorated in France.

Fine layers of fabrics laminated within acetate and whimsical embellishments are quintessential features of  this delightful collection.

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Brace For Impact

04 Mar

Aircraft Spotter, London, 1943


The recent revival of  vintage sunglass  features such as flat based lenses with reflective surfaces and cupped temporal shields has us in a nostalgic mood.

Looking as modern today as in decades past, the presence  of these conspicuous adornments and treatments commands your attention.  Though they may lack the utility of their initial intent, these features certainly evoke an allure.

  Matsuda Eyewear has produced a model which is  the most striking example of  this trend.  Exquisitely crafted, it incorporates elements of  matte acetate with  fine metal filigree and laser etched motifs.  It’s beautifully embossed leather side shields are hand-stitched with precision.   This marvel is a rare accomplishment and  epitomizes the level of craftsmanship for which the  exclusive brand is revered.

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  There is a perpetual need for us to stock  a selection of refined and elegant frames that cater to the tastes of individuals who regard ‘classics’ with some reverence. Now  on hand at our Flagship location are some  frames by Oliver Goldsmith London.

  The optical frame division of this family business, founded by Philip Oliver Goldsmith in 1926, is overseen by a third generation Oliver Goldsmith.  Utilizing the original patterns and  standards of care of their predecessors,  the current craftsmen continue to produce coveted styles free of embellishment and conspicuous excess.

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The work of artist P183, Moscow, 2012. Image c. REX FEATURES

If it seems there may be no reprieve from the ravages of winter on your psyche,  take heart.  Daylight Savings Time begins shortly.  In addition to the  the added hour of daylight expect the return of warmth and vibrancy to your life.

   Even as the snow continues to drift around us, we can offer you our  inspiring new stock of bright and cheerful frames from Germany’s Walter Wissing & Co..  These charming creations  feature a remarkable range of colour in a single frame without appearing lurid.  Their design is  a masterful balance of  sophistication with an irreverence of convention.

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The Great Escape

22 Jan

If  you require a reprieve from the bleak midwinter , this ‘pilot’ could spirit you away on a flight of fancy!

  Crafted in limited edition by the venerated Maison Cartier, this exceptional frame  features fine modern lines, subtle brown calfskin and polarized lenses  treated with a champagne golden finish.

  Consider it’s merits before your departure!   One  is currently on view  at our flagship location.

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Shape Shifting

18 Jan

  After  an absence of over a decade on our shelves, we are pleased to reintroduce to our clients the exceptionally original designs of  the MICHEL HENAU eyewear collection.

Henau began crafting hand- made frames in Belgium in the 1970’s and by the 1990’s was collaborating with like -minded sole mate and art educated optician Marc Delagrange.


  Conceptualizing his designs  from  the point of view of the end wearer, Delagrange concentrates on the necessities of comfort and of achieving harmony, in both colour and shape, with the facial structure of an individual.

The craftsman rationalizes that “a frame should be full of contemporary purity and refinement, made from materials and colours which reinforce the simplicity of the shape’s timeless functionality.”


  Delagrange’s  resulting  collections  include innovative shapes in their purist form without embellishments. Their bold forms actually flatter and compliment the uniqueness of our faces, which structurally vary greatly from the ‘idealized’ oval.


  We invite you to view the MICHEL HENAU eyewear collection at our flagship location.


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Peter Beard, Serengeti Lion c. 1976

  Should you be traveling by bus from Nairobi to Mombasa or by ferry from Dar es Salaam to Unguja, your journey would be considered a safari.  While  touring  the African continent, or roaming the streets closer to home, one needs to be outfitted with the most appropriate   accessories.

  Robert Marc has created a limited edition collection of eyewear that could be worn with adventure in mind.  Inspired by the observance of wildlife and landscapes while on expedition, these hand made frames evoke the spirit of a safari.


The models Cheetah, Jaguar and Leopard feature the  printed  skin of a big cat on their temples.  The complimentary colours camel, sunset and twilight are featured on the frame fronts. 


The Safari Collection is  currently available to be viewed and admired at our flagship  location.

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Tis  the season  when new eyewear is arriving at all of our locations.  We’d like to share with you a selection of  styles and innovations  from the current collections.


 The gorgeous iridescence  of  the ‘Frisson’ model from Dita Eyewear is sure to thrill !

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Tis  the season  when new eyewear is arriving at all of our locations.  We’d like to share with you a selection of  styles and innovations  from the current collections.



Complimentary duo tones and contemporary shapes  distinguish Bevel frames from the rest.



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