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Lunor  frames are stylishly retrospective: The restrained, classic appearance of these premium spectacles makes them true collector’s items.  Founded by Gernot Linder in 1991, the German company continues to produce handmade frames with traditional methods to exacting standards.

Lunor frames are electroplated with up to four layers of precious metals and receive a final coating of Epoxy Phenolic  in order to achieve a beautiful and durable shine. Antique finishes are achieved by artisans who hand-brush each frame.

Two exceptional models of folding frames are featured at Josephson Optician’s Flagship location. Their elegant articulation is proof of their worth and functionality. Customized  cases crafted from domestic hardwoods accompany each style and are sure to fascinate connoisseurs with an eye for precise details.

For those who’s style is assured yet understated, we offer a range of  Lunor designs at each of our locations.



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An extensive selection of tortoise patterned frames are currently in stock at all of  our Josephson locations. Great variation exists within the range of colour, depth of opacity and degree to which the patterns are mottled.  Frames from the collection of German’s Lunor eyewear, for example are available in dark and light Havana, Havana maroon, Tokyo and red Tokyo tortoise, as shown, above.

Further distinctions are achieved through the lamination of  additional layers of acetate featuring contrasting patterns, as depicted, below,  in the image of a frame by Harry Lary’s.

Matting the surface of a  frame provides additional character to models featuring unique colouring. Such treatment was applied to the Mykita sunglass, below, achieving striking results.


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In Good Taste

27 May

Prior to frequenting Studio 54,  and  designing the minimalist ready-to-wear collections which adorned the jet-setters of  the disco era, Halston’s influence on American style was already established. A milliner by trade, he had created the pillbox hat Jacqueline  Kennedy wore to her husbands’ presidential inauguration in 1961.

Roy Halston Frowick in Paris, circa 1966, © Jean Barthet/Alexandre Barthet 2015

   Jean  Barthet photographed  Halston while on a trip to France in the 1960’s. In the image above the arbiter of taste wears a sleek and unembellished pair of sunglasses.  Their elegance brings to mind our new selection of Lunor frames.  Like Halston before them, Lunor Eyewear connoisseurs prove their taste and assurance through style.
DSC_1128   Produced in Germany since 1991, each Lunor frame features a clean silhouette and an elegant finish. The hand made acetates are tumbled for up to 2 weeks to obtain the ideal polish, or left matted for a contemporary effect.
   The collection’s exceptional hinges are cut out of solid blocks of metal and plated with four layers of precious metals.  Antique finishes are hand-brushed.
   Each metal surface is sealed with a layer of epoxy phenolic coating. All rivets are functional and enhance the frame’s durability.
  Lunor is a premium brand renowned for the uncompromised quality of it’s products.  These sunglasses are currently available at our Flagship location.
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New From Lunor

03 Dec

Lauren Harris, Grounded Icebergs (Disco Bay), c.1931, oil on canvas, Art Gallery of Ontario

As the winter solstice approaches, two  finishes of  the new antique crystal colour  introduced by Lunor are sure to bring to mind the frost and translucence associated with the season.

   The production of these exceptional objects occurs in Germany, where the acetates are left to cure until it is ensured  that they will maintain their  integrity and form once fashioned into a frame.

A final high gloss hand polishing is applied to the surfaces of the acetate only after it has tumbled in wood chips for one and a half weeks.

We invite you to view and appreciate these new releases at all of our Josephson locations.

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More Matte

24 Jun

The matted finishes of many frames in our stores are receiving much attention despite their subdued exteriors.  Perhaps because, though lacking in luster, they’re  far from dull!  The sand blasted treatment of an acetate surface creates a smooth texture free of the high polish typically achieved by tumbling a frame in wood or pumice chips.


  It would be hard to conduct a covert operation in these conspicuous items, despite having been inspired by the stealth exteriors of fighter jets and other aeronautical  engineered designs.  Following a trend initiated in 2007 with the release of Lamborghini’s Reventon model automobile, matte finishes have   established a presence in our contemporary aesthetic.


Lamborghini Automobili’s Revonton limited edition model, 2007


      Brands  offering  this sophisticated finish include Gremany’s Lunor and Paul Smith by Oliver Peoples, as shown above.


      The Fiction line by l.a. Eyeworks incorporates matte metal components with ‘frosted’ acetates with great success.



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