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It is because you can anticipate a forecast of  continued sunshine that we offer an utterly contemporary version of the clip-on shade.  Berlin based MYKITA  has developed an eyewear  collection of nine frames featuring stainless steel clip-ons which compliment and transform the look and function of each model.

Unique pairings  of  contrasting colours  and shapes alter the silhouettes and aesthetic impact of the frames once the clip-ons are attached.  Convenient and cost effective, the clip-on gains new purpose as a decorative accessory.

An additional innovation recently introduced by MYKITA is their HYBRID series of frames incorporating elements of the two materials they have mastered, specifically laser sintered MYLON and stainless steel.

Hand crafted and exceptionally refined, these frames are light weight and resilient.  The pairing  of shinny metal finishes  with matt finished MYLON components produces a distinctive, modern look.

You are invited to appreciate an array of MYKITA’s innovations at Josephson Opticians flagship location.

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Clip Art

18 Jul

Josephson Opticians was recently honored with an impromptu visit from the founder of Garrett Leight California Optical as he acquainted himself with retail partners in Toronto.

In their fifth year of production, Garrett’s frames  continue to be designed in California and proudly crafted in the People’s Republic of China, where  masters of skilled hand detailing are teamed with cutting edge production technology.  Each style  features subtle details in fit, material and proportion that make it unique.

In anticipation of our clientele’s need for protection from the harmful effects of the bright summer sun we are stocked with an assortment of GLCO  UV blocking sunglasses and clips. A special piece is the result of Garrett’s collaboration with French eyewear designer Thierry Lasry. Their pairing of a distinctive acetate frame and a speckled Windsor rimed clip achieves a dramatic effect.



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Why Not White?

05 Apr

Chalk, ivory, snow and milk- each are white in colour and evocative of  an unblemished and organic purity.  Whites are basic, but not lacking in complexity.  The interplay between whites and light can produce subtle variations in their appearance.  In contrast, the deliberate placement  of a white object against a darker or coloured ground can have dramatic impact, as the angles and edges of that object become more sharply defined.

Thierry Lasry’s pairing of white and gold

An appreciation of  white as a stark accent colour has been made evident by its inclusion within several noteworthy eyewear collections featured at Josephson Opticians this season.  Accessorize an assemble with  sublime, hand-crafted acetate sunglasses by Thierry Lasry and Kaleos Eyehunters.  The later brand is based in Barcelona Spain and is currently available in Canada  exclusively at our locations throughout Toronto.

Futuristic forms from Kaleos Eyehunters

White stained, piano varnished, ebony wood temples are featured on one particularly exceptional Chrome Hearts frame.   The temples are paired with an antique finished titanium  front and are further enhanced with fine sterling silver decor.  This white wonder is available for viewing at our Flagship location.

Refined sophistication crafted by Chrome Hearts


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The Clear Advantage

09 Jan

During the hours of reduced light throughout our bleak mid-winter, a revolutionary lens treatment now exists which can enhance your visual experience as you revel in the sun’s rays.

Premium brands Cartier and Chrome Hearts now offer sunglass models featuring patented NIR Technology.  The goal of diffusing and eliminating reflections within a lens was first pursued  in the 1980’s. A prototype was produced in the 1990’s, but until now limitations  in fabrication technology restricted production of non-image reflecting lenses.

Santos de Cartier Aviator in a brushed ruthenium finish with blue PVD  screws and leather brow accessory.

A revolutionary process  reduces internal reflections and sharpens clarity, despite the clouded, opaque appearance of the lens.  The technology is enclosed within the lens  to protect it from scratching or exposure to harmful environmental conditions.

Chrome Hearts’ P. Donner featuring butterscotch tortoise coloured zyl and .925 sterling silver décor.

NIR lenses have oleophobic coatings on the front and back surfaces to resist oil and moisture and to make cleaning easier. The result is a durable lens with outstanding optics and a unique “matted mirror” or satin finish appearance. NIR lenses are made of CR-39 material and block 100% of harmful UV light.

We invite you to experience the exceptional clarity provided by these lenses at  Josephson Opticians’ locations featuring  Cartier and Chrome Hearts Eyewear.



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Too Fantastic

28 May

The exquisite detailing and filigree embellishing the frames crafted by Matsuda Eyewear inspires awe and deserves high praise. The coined rims and etched surfaces featured in the  collection are produced with contemporary tools to standards of craftsmanship observed in the past.


These fantastic creations are the sort of accessory required for epic excursions both real and imagined.


The Graf Zepplin over Gizeh c.1931 photographed by George Lewis

They could be worn while navigating  dirigibles through  rarefied atmospheres or while racing locomotives though tunnels beneath seas.


Conspicuous  components such as springs and articulated side-shields also reference an industrial age when engineers  were as esteemed as intellectuals.

Laser etched temple motifs could be coded script revealing the coordinates of  secret societies.

Fine rose gold plating and hand-lacquered surfaces  are present on  new Matsuda  models featuring saddle bridges



An imagined voyage of unknown origin


Set course to our Eglington Avenue and Flagship locations in order to appreciate these remarkable curiosities in person!




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In Good Taste

27 May

Prior to frequenting Studio 54,  and  designing the minimalist ready-to-wear collections which adorned the jet-setters of  the disco era, Halston’s influence on American style was already established. A milliner by trade, he had created the pillbox hat Jacqueline  Kennedy wore to her husbands’ presidential inauguration in 1961.

Roy Halston Frowick in Paris, circa 1966, © Jean Barthet/Alexandre Barthet 2015

   Jean  Barthet photographed  Halston while on a trip to France in the 1960’s. In the image above the arbiter of taste wears a sleek and unembellished pair of sunglasses.  Their elegance brings to mind our new selection of Lunor frames.  Like Halston before them, Lunor Eyewear connoisseurs prove their taste and assurance through style.
DSC_1128   Produced in Germany since 1991, each Lunor frame features a clean silhouette and an elegant finish. The hand made acetates are tumbled for up to 2 weeks to obtain the ideal polish, or left matted for a contemporary effect.
   The collection’s exceptional hinges are cut out of solid blocks of metal and plated with four layers of precious metals.  Antique finishes are hand-brushed.
   Each metal surface is sealed with a layer of epoxy phenolic coating. All rivets are functional and enhance the frame’s durability.
  Lunor is a premium brand renowned for the uncompromised quality of it’s products.  These sunglasses are currently available at our Flagship location.
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With exceptional attention to detail and precision Cartier’s master craftsmen produce luxury eyewear to the highest standards.  The models within the  Panthère Wild de Cartier collection incorporate  iconic motifs unique to the venerated design house.

The injection molded panthère  heads are hand lacquered, liquid polished and galvanized. Each gold finished decor features 17 black spots and a pair of emerald green eyes.  Sculpted metal temples complement these embellishments.  The acetate fronts of the frames are hand polished.


A variety of these  exquisite and luxurious frames are available to be appreciated and purchased at our Humbertown, York Mills and Flagship locations.

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Now that the sun has reappeared, it’s an opportune time for us to promote protective eyewear.

Our new assortment of flirtatious sunglasses, hand-crafted by Anne et Valentin,  is a sure sign that things are looking up!  They will comfort your eyes without compromising on style.

The collection’s Sunset City concept offers dense acetate forms with beveled fronts and sculpted temples. These contemporary  frames are ideal accessories for  al-fresco lunches and quick getaways in convertibles!

The Forma Color collection combines contrasting elements in order to achieve a bold effect.


Sturdy matte finished  metals are balanced by soft  and polished acetate surfaces.

Syrupy, opaline and translucent tones lend added depth and character to these bold geometric forms.

We invite you to venture out and to appreciate these utterly modern creations, in person, at our Flagship location.

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Tailor Made

11 Apr


Thom Browne‘s maverick approach to tailoring and radical interpretation of traditional forms  has inspired many men to sharpen their image in respects to how they dress. Extremes of proportions and the unconventional use of suiting fabrics are incorporated into his designs.  The slim and narrow silhouettes created by Thom’s  garments  have earned him a cult following and the Menswear Designer of the Year Award by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of  America).

Thom Browne dressing a model backstage at his 2015 Fall/Winter show. Photograph by Julien Boudet

Through collaborations with Moncler, Harry Winston and Baccarat, Thom Browne‘s refined and detailed concepts have been incorporated into the design of many luxury goods.  His collaboration with Dita Eyewear offers a collection of appreciable sophistication which should appeal to anyone who’s fashion sense is finely honed but never predictable.


Each frame reflects the  uncompromised quality of it’s Japanese manufacturing.  Dita professes that their production involves 250 craftsman, laboring for 600 man hours over an eight month period, executing  individual steps of the process by hand.


Thom Browne frames feature sleek and refined components. Tip details in red, white and blue are separately tapped and plated. They are as emblematic as the grosgrain bands sewn on to each of the designer’s garments.  Tooled four-line detailed titanium nose pads and 12k plating are also distinctive features of the collection.

Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2015

The Thom Browne collection from Dita Eyewear is currently available at our Flagship location.


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10 Apr





                   GITTIN ANY?



The Cannes Film Festival Jury once presented director David Cronenberg a Prix Special du Jury to cite his audacity and daring. If the eyewear industry was to bestow an equivalent honor, there would be no more worthy recipients than  Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark,  the founders of Chrome Hearts.

Their frames are given provocative names which allude to all things carnal.  They also feature sacred motifs appropriated with a certain irreverence.  But it is the Stark’s uncompromising determination to manufacture  luxury goods to the highest standards that best exemplifies their ballsy resolve.

Since the founding of Chrome Hearts in 1988, the couple have produced leather apparel, jewelry and home furnishings of exceptional quality. Their efforts earned them the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Award for accessory design in 1992.

Musician Jesse Jo Stark, Chrome Hearts Founders Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark. Source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images North America

 Chrome Hearts Eyewear has been in production since 2002.  Under the Stark’s creative direction, with contributions from their daughter Jessie Jo, the Japanese craftsman who produced their frames have met the challenge of  materializing the family’s concepts. Through their  processes, which often require the invention of new fabricating techniques and machinery,  precedents of innovation have been set for the  industry.  

The Stark’s enforcement of  the highest standards of production  and the intricacy of assembly required for each frame often results in  back orders and limited editions.  What results is certainly worth the wait.

Frames can comprise of elements made of natural buffalo horn,  cross-grain laminations of exotic woods, enamel inlays, .925 sterling, full grain Italian leather and pure titanium. The metals used are often plated with heavy gold and black rhodium. Laser etchings, relief cuttings and beveled coin-edged treatments adorn most models.

Hand made Japanese and Italian zyl acetate components are provided a matte finish, or are tumbled for 72 hours to produce a maximum luster, then hand polished.  Mottifs such as the BS Fleur, CH Plus, Floral Cross and Dagger are masterfully incorporated into the design of these remarkable creations.

You are invited to appreciate these rare and exceptional frames at our Flagship, Brookfield, York Mills, and Eglinton Avenue  locations.

Here is a link to Jake Shears’ interview with Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark from the March 14th, 2012 edition of Paper Magazine. It’s a great account of couples’ achievements and the Chrome Hearts ethos.



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