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10 Mar

I struggle in the thickets, stumble over fallen trees, step on the tail of my bear-skin, pitch face first into drifts till all I want is to rest, possibly take a little nap. I suspect parts of me will not survive. Once I was beautiful, but I shall bury fingers, toes, earlobes and possibly a nose in Canada.

-Douglas Glover

Perhaps we don’t  fare as poorly as the protagonist from Douglas Glover’s Governor General’s award winning novel entitled Elle, but this winter seems to be  taken its tole on all of us.

The benefit of observing Daylight Saving Time each March is the gift of an hour’s worth of   additional daylight. To protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, and to lift your spirits until the temperature  rises, you’d be wise to consider the latest releases from Robert Marc.

Robert’s seasonal collections are themed, reflecting his artistic consciousness and  imagination. The styling and mystique of such South Beach landmarks as the Lido and Setai Hotels have been his latest inspiration.

The Raleigh South Beach

The Miami Beach Resort Collection  consists of  models incorporating Art Deco inspired tones with varied tortoise fronts. Each frame is hand-crafted in France and features Robert Marc’s signature hinge motif. Limited edition sets of models in both the  Royal Palm and Fontainebleau colour combinations are available at our Flagship location while quantities last.

Until the cold subsides and the snow drifts diminish, allow Robert’s collection to evoke the sensations of warmth and relaxation.

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Now in stock at our Flagship and Eglington Avenue location,  the new releases from Thierry Lasry feature an exceptional array of colours and patterns.

These handcrafted sunglasses feature remarkable  laminations of  acetates which resemble marbled and mosaic surfaces.  Translucent elements allow for a dramatic play of light, and under certain conditions the frames appear almost luminous.

Vibrant and playful, these accessories will be appreciated for their style during the drab days of winter. They  will also provide essential eye protection when the sun returns, or you follow it South!


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Elegant Forms

11 Aug

Georgian Bay Rhythms by Doris McCarthy, 1969

Two recently released sunglass styles  by Clare Goldsmith have inspired me to consider an ideal location where their features are shared by an environment.   The Duke and Logan models are rugged forms with rounded contours, like the rocks and trees along the shore line of  Lake Huron  and the Muskoka District.

The 'Duke' in Black Horn

The ‘Duke’ in ‘Black Horn’

    The frames’  sleek  texture and smooth lines mimic those of  natural forms worn by the repetitive undulation of the waters in cottage country.  Their rich colour combinations are also evocative of the water and landscape of a dockside summer destination.


The ‘Logan’ in ‘Matt Amber Paradise’


    These hand-crafted sunglasses are  practical and elegant accessories to wear on  excursions into the landscapes that inspired the  artist Doris McCarthy.

Wave Movement #8 by Doris McCarthy, 1969

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The sunglass  styles of Parisian designer Thierry Lasry epitomize  the current  take  on  glamour.  They exemplify a balance between timeless good taste  and innovation.  The collection features ‘retro-futuristic’ forms which are elegantly sculpted from vintage acetates sourced from the venerated Italian supplier Mazzucchelli.

The soft edged and typically up-swept shapes are ample in scale yet well proportioned. They manage to  flatter the wearer’s facial features without concealing them.  The voluptuous fronts appear to float on the face and are gracefully supported by slender metal temples.


George Hurrell photograph sourced from the 15th issue of Acne Paper

Thierry’s  use of unique colour combinations and patterns of  rare acetates warehoused  since the 1980’s  enhances the allure of his creations.  His ‘neo-vintage’  styles have been  produced in France since the launch of his line in 2006.  Thierry has also been the artistic director of his father’s ophthalmic frame line Harry Lary’s since 2002.


George Hurrell photograph sourced from the 15th issue of Acne Paper

 Thierry Lasry sunglasses can be sourced in the worlds most prestigious contemporary boutiques including London’s Dover Street Market and Lane Crawford shops in Hong Kong.  In Toronto you are invited to appreciate  the collection at our Bayview  and Flagship locations.

In keeping with the designer’s ‘neo-vintage’  aesthetic, we  recently displayed his modern eyewear paired with  images produced by George Hurrell,  a photographer who made a significant contribution to the perception of glamour presented by Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940s.

George Hurrell photograph sourced from the 15th issue of Acne Paper



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Brace For Impact

04 Mar

Aircraft Spotter, London, 1943


The recent revival of  vintage sunglass  features such as flat based lenses with reflective surfaces and cupped temporal shields has us in a nostalgic mood.

Looking as modern today as in decades past, the presence  of these conspicuous adornments and treatments commands your attention.  Though they may lack the utility of their initial intent, these features certainly evoke an allure.

  Matsuda Eyewear has produced a model which is  the most striking example of  this trend.  Exquisitely crafted, it incorporates elements of  matte acetate with  fine metal filigree and laser etched motifs.  It’s beautifully embossed leather side shields are hand-stitched with precision.   This marvel is a rare accomplishment and  epitomizes the level of craftsmanship for which the  exclusive brand is revered.

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The Great Escape

22 Jan

If  you require a reprieve from the bleak midwinter , this ‘pilot’ could spirit you away on a flight of fancy!

  Crafted in limited edition by the venerated Maison Cartier, this exceptional frame  features fine modern lines, subtle brown calfskin and polarized lenses  treated with a champagne golden finish.

  Consider it’s merits before your departure!   One  is currently on view  at our flagship location.

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