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For those with money burning a hole in their pockets, we can offer  something of value to take it’s place.  Chrome Hearts model ‘Droolin’ is a robust frame which folds to half it’s width- ideal for easy packing in the pants or the purse.


Fitted with stainless steel hinges and featuring  cast sterling .925 fleur details, this articulated frame is a result of  the brand’s rigorous commitment to quality and innovation.


The hand-made case which accompanies this model is crafted of full grain Italian leather (the best genuine raw hide  available) and is embossed with the Chrome Hearts logo.  Marked by such distinctive features, there will be no mistaking where your brand loyalty lies.


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Artisanal Cat Eye

05 Sep

The  panther is the most recognizable  animal motif associated with the venerated  house of  Cartier.  A pattern based on the the cat’s spotted coat was first incorporated as a design element on a wrist watch in 1914.

Jeanne Toussaint c.1920  Cartier's director of fine jewelry from 1933

Jeanne Toussaint c.1920
Cartier’s director of fine jewelry from 1933

Due to her elegant and independent nature ‘the Panther ‘ was also the nickname of  Jeanne Toussaint, one of the house’s legendary designers .  Under her influence the Cartier jewelers were the first to explore femininity through the metaphor of the panther.  It’s effigy continues to adorn the houses’ sumptuous  jeweler and eyewear.

The most currant appearance of the panther’s head is as a unique decor  found on a new collection of sunglasses now in stock at our stores.

Inspired by a famous ring featuring the same chiseled lines, the injection molded head decors feature 23 hand lacquered black spots and  green eyes.  The meticulously hand polished  and assembled metal frame components are each plated in a palladium layer and finished in either gold or platinum. The rectangular and cat eye shaped  frames are crafted of tortoiseshell, burgundy and black acetate.

  These expressions of the spirit of the panther are sure to charm!


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Grover and Buffy Sainte-Marie on Sesame Street c. 1970. Children's Television Workshop

Grover and Buffy Sainte-Marie on Sesame Street c. 1970. Children’s Television Workshop

Certain shades of blue can evoke a cool, reflective mood.  The colour has inspired  and preoccupied innovative  artists such as Joni Mitchell and Pablo Picasso.  Indigo, specifically, is regarded as the colour of intuition, perception and the higher mind.   Blues are powerful, dignified and integral to heightening the powers of perception.

La Celestina, 1904 by Pablo Picasso. Musee National Picasso, Paris

La Celestina, 1904 by Pablo Picasso. Musee National Picasso, Paris

The French  conceptual artist Yves Klein developed his own shade of blue  in observance of the Nouveau Realisme movement’s manifesto which encouraged  the production of work inspiring a “new way of perceiving the real”.

Sill, 1960 by Yves Klein. Mixed media

Sill, 1960 by Yves Klein. Mixed media

It is only fitting   that optical devices suited to enhancing ones vision should incorporate a colour believed to effect perception!  Some frames crafted by Claire Goldsmith and Anne et Valentin are produced in an intense ‘Indigo’.

The deep, dramatic laser etched finish of  l.a. Eyeworks‘ Flying Wallendas model is accentuated by its presentation in ‘Liquid Navy’ as depicted below.

We invite you to appraise our selection and to experience the merits of blue!

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Illustration of Debbie by Jennifer Orkim Lewis and attributed to August Wren

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Summer Sensations

26 Jul

Our stores are currently stocked with an assortment of sun glasses sure to satisfy the most  discerning  of clientele.  While you frolic in the surf this summer, or recline in repose upon a chaise lounge, be sure to protect your precious eyes!


Brian Jones and Keith Richards, photo: WENN/ Bob Bonis

Channel your inner Brian Jones or Britt Ekland and select  from our extensive collection of  hand crafted reproductions of iconic designs by Oliver Goldsmith.



  These distinctive styles  reflect the irreverence and vitality associated with the 60’s and 70’s.  If you choose to holiday with reckless abandon,  at least be wearing a vital accessory.


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The Space Between

22 Jul


Specimen of Lace, William Henry Fox Talbot circa 1839-1845, National gallery of Canada

Specimen of Lace, William Henry Fox Talbot circa 1839-1845, National Gallery of Canada

An  indication of good design is the achievement of a critical balance between form and negative space.  This  rule applies as well to the production of lace as it does to the manufacturing of eyewear.


  l.a. Eyeworks has filled a niche of sorts with a collection that has left things out.  Using state of the art techniques to perforate stainless steel, this innovated company  has created  delicate patterns by combining open space with dense texture.


  Because they  reference a contemporary trend of  using  perforated steel  in industrial design and architecture, these frames are truly of the moment.

Housing Hatert by 24H architecture, photo by Boris Zeisser

Housing Hatert by 24H architecture, photo by Boris Zeisser





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k. d. Lang, C.B.C. photo stills collection c. 1986

Kathryn Dawn Lang, C.B.C. photo stills collection c. 1986

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Birds Of A Feather

29 Jun

This weekend in Toronto a critical mass of the G.B.L.T. community will flock together to express their resolve and assert their solidarity.  The annual Pride festivities  will showcase gender diversity and facilitate uninhibited self expression.

Before strutting like a peacock, consider dawning some ‘gay’ apparel -especially  eyewear as worthy of exposure as you are!



  Adorned  with hand set  embellishments , laminated feathers and patterned silk fabrics, the new specimens from Francis Klein  are proof  of variation within a species.


  Local provocateurs Carol Pope and Kevan Staples , formerly of the group Rough Trade,  have sung the praises of birds of a feather.


photograph by Zorge Zontal c. 1980

Those of a certain vintage who still think ‘Jung’ may appreciate this link to the bands 1976 performance on C.B.C.’s ’90 Minutes Live’ hosted by the late Peter Gzowski.

Link to ’90 Minutes Live’

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Luxury Eyepieces

24 Jun


    The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Western Europe is renowned for it’s vineyards and breweries.  Its production of steel is also note worthy.  But perhaps it’s most prestigious export is the  eyewear brand Gold &Wood founded by Maurice Leonard in 1995.  As the company continues to produce creations imbued with a timeless elegance, it has trademarked the aptly descriptive term luxury “Eyepieces”.


  The masterful craftsmanship and industrial innovation required to produce these exceptional pieces is remarkable.  The lamination of fine veneers of noble materials in raw form is executed with exquisite precision .

Rare woods, such as tanganika and carob, of a controlled provenance are sourced  for use from regions where systematic reforestation is monitored.  Authentic buffalo horn  is procured from farms adhering to ethical standards of harvesting.


   The styling of models currently in our stores reflect a contemporary interpretation of shapes  popularized in the 1950’s.   Those depicted incorporate rose gold, California walnut bur and bubinga (above) and marbled horn and ebony (below).


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Man Ray photographed by Yousuf Karsh, 1965

Man Ray photographed by Yousuf Karsh, 1965

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