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Glasses, Pen, Pencil, and Eraser, 2006 Annie PootoogookInk and pencil crayon on paper

Glasses, Pen, Pencil, and Eraser by Annie Pootoogook 2006
Ink and pencil crayon on paper

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Vivid and Bold

30 Apr
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The Face a Face collection never fails to include pieces that provide a  graphic impact.  Since 1995 we have stocked this contemporary line and have appreciated it’s wide range of variety .


  Informed by architectural trends and innovation, the frames are conceptualized with an emphasis placed on the sculptural dimensions of each object. Ample  degrees of volume and depth are achieved through the masterful choice of materials and vivid colours.


  By utilizing light weight titanium components, thicker frames can be produced in fuller sizes. The complexity of manufacturing involved  often requires the collaboration of up to ten subcontractors during a typical production period of 6-8 weeks per frame.


  Face a Face president and originator of the brand concept, Pascal Jaulent, leads the design team with his creative direction. As a member of the Comite Francais de la Couleur ( the French committee for colours), he is well informed of the practical and symbolic aspects of colours as well as new trends.


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