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The Best Vision

24 Jun


The best vision is insight”.

Malcom Forbes

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More Matte

24 Jun

The matted finishes of many frames in our stores are receiving much attention despite their subdued exteriors.  Perhaps because, though lacking in luster, they’re  far from dull!  The sand blasted treatment of an acetate surface creates a smooth texture free of the high polish typically achieved by tumbling a frame in wood or pumice chips.


  It would be hard to conduct a covert operation in these conspicuous items, despite having been inspired by the stealth exteriors of fighter jets and other aeronautical  engineered designs.  Following a trend initiated in 2007 with the release of Lamborghini’s Reventon model automobile, matte finishes have   established a presence in our contemporary aesthetic.


Lamborghini Automobili’s Revonton limited edition model, 2007


      Brands  offering  this sophisticated finish include Gremany’s Lunor and Paul Smith by Oliver Peoples, as shown above.


      The Fiction line by l.a. Eyeworks incorporates matte metal components with ‘frosted’ acetates with great success.



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Matte Metals

06 Jun

Colourist Sahra Lysell has influenced the pallet utilized by Orgreen Eyewear since the brand’s debut in 1997.  She has developed over 400 different hues for the Danish product and established the two-toned application of colour as a signature feature of each collection.

The titanium frames are expertly crafted in Japan, often over a period of six months, and can require up to 100 processes in their construction.  Most colours require over 15 steps in their application alone.

DSC_0096 (2)

  The Airline collection currently available at our stores incorporates modern industrial colours with luxurious gold and palladium.   The matte finishes create a soft and calming effect.  The refined hues of clay, faded blue , grape and vanilla are subtle and sophisticated.

Although Sahra’s colours are often inspired by graffiti culture, the graphic impact of these particular frames  brings to mind the work of Canadian artist Doris McCarthy.

Pre-Cambrian 1968 Doris McCarthy

Pre-Cambrian 1968 Doris McCarthy



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A Likeness of Joe

06 Jun
Joe 1969 acrylic on canvas by Chuck Close

Joe 1969 acrylic on canvas by Chuck Close

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Un Certain Regard

22 May

Since 1946 the Festival de Cannes has showcased some of the best of world cinema while facilitating the spectacle of celebrity adoration.


La Begum, Jean Cocteau


Roman Polanski, Francesca Anis, John Finchc. Ralph Gatti 1972

Roman Polanski, Francesca Anis, John Finch
c. Ralph Gatti 1972

According to  policy, “the aim of the Festival is to encourage the development of the art of film making in all its forms, while fostering and maintaining a spirit of collaboration among all film making countries”.

Films that are representative of “auteur cinema with a wide audience appeal” are presented in competition.  Films screened in the program Un Certain Regard typically feature an original aim and aesthetic.  The loan Canadian feature length entry in this years program is ‘Sarah Prefere La Course’, directed by Quebec’s Chloe Robichaud.

cloe 2

@Chloe_Robichaud’s profile photo

A digitally restored print of Ted Kotcheff’s 1974 film ‘The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz’, adapted from Mordecai Richler’s novel, will be presented in the Cannes Classics program.

Photograph by Fransisco Garcia for Toronto Life

Photograph by Fransisco Garcia for Toronto Life

No doubt our valued client Charlotte Mickie, Executive Vice President of Entertainment One, will be negotiating international sales and acquisitions during the coarse of the festival.  We wish her the best of luck!


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Glasses, Pen, Pencil, and Eraser, 2006 Annie PootoogookInk and pencil crayon on paper

Glasses, Pen, Pencil, and Eraser by Annie Pootoogook 2006
Ink and pencil crayon on paper

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Vivid and Bold

30 Apr

The Face a Face collection never fails to include pieces that provide a  graphic impact.  Since 1995 we have stocked this contemporary line and have appreciated it’s wide range of variety .


  Informed by architectural trends and innovation, the frames are conceptualized with an emphasis placed on the sculptural dimensions of each object. Ample  degrees of volume and depth are achieved through the masterful choice of materials and vivid colours.


  By utilizing light weight titanium components, thicker frames can be produced in fuller sizes. The complexity of manufacturing involved  often requires the collaboration of up to ten subcontractors during a typical production period of 6-8 weeks per frame.


  Face a Face president and originator of the brand concept, Pascal Jaulent, leads the design team with his creative direction. As a member of the Comite Francais de la Couleur ( the French committee for colours), he is well informed of the practical and symbolic aspects of colours as well as new trends.


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