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Why Not White?

05 Apr

Chalk, ivory, snow and milk- each are white in colour and evocative of  an unblemished and organic purity.  Whites are basic, but not lacking in complexity.  The interplay between whites and light can produce subtle variations in their appearance.  In contrast, the deliberate placement  of a white object against a darker or coloured ground can have dramatic impact, as the angles and edges of that object become more sharply defined.

Thierry Lasry’s pairing of white and gold

An appreciation of  white as a stark accent colour has been made evident by its inclusion within several noteworthy eyewear collections featured at Josephson Opticians this season.  Accessorize an assemble with  sublime, hand-crafted acetate sunglasses by Thierry Lasry and Kaleos Eyehunters.  The later brand is based in Barcelona Spain and is currently available in Canada  exclusively at our locations throughout Toronto.

Futuristic forms from Kaleos Eyehunters

White stained, piano varnished, ebony wood temples are featured on one particularly exceptional Chrome Hearts frame.   The temples are paired with an antique finished titanium  front and are further enhanced with fine sterling silver decor.  This white wonder is available for viewing at our Flagship location.

Refined sophistication crafted by Chrome Hearts


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Motley mixtures of patterns and colours featured on a single frame command attention and may inspire awe! The creations of Germany’s Walter Wissing & Co. manage to be expressions of an exuberant nature without appearing garish. They are simultaneously whimsical and sophisticated.

During our recent visit to the Silmo World Optical Fair held in Paris we committed to the purchase of a great variety of hand crafted frames from Walter Wissing & Co..  The unique pairings of colours and patterns are produced to our specifications and each frame made for us bears the Josephson name.


We are most excited about the arrival of a curated selection of styles featuring abstracted motifs evocative of  woven textiles composed of bold ethnographic and tribal patterns.

Skillfully printed upon acetate, these motifs  are further enhanced by additional laminations of zyl in complimentary colours. These striking frames should appeal to those with eclectic tastes and an appreciation of a bohemian aesthetic.



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The juxtaposition of contrasting elements within a single frame remains the most consistent design trend observed at recent SILMO World Optical Fairs we have attended in  Paris.  These “hybrid” forms are often elegant examples of refined attention to subtle detailing.

A LINDBERG N.O.W model presented in a newly released matte finish

Details on Frederic Beausoleil’s exquisite sunglass references the  design elements of musical instruments produced by Stradivarius

The three frames depicted here  happen to feature unburnished  metal components paired with matte finished acetates or composite materials.

A tailored offering from BEVEL Eyewear

You are invited to appreciate these and similar contemporary styles at Josephson Optician locations throughout Toronto.

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Rose gold plating adorned many frames featured during the  SILMO World Optical Fair held in Paris. Warm and flush, the colouring flatters most skin tones and is a nuanced alternative to the more common yellow.


Matsuda Eyewear’s sophisticated pairing of rose gold and silver finishes

In Rebecca Mead’s  New Yorker Magazine article  entitled The Semiotics of “Rose Gold” she suggests that “it is gold that has an inclination to be something else. Rose gold is perverse”.  It is also current and conspicuous  in new  collections by Theirry Lasry, Oliver Peoples and LINDBERG Eyewear.

A rose colouring on titanium from LINDBERG

The varying percentage of copper alloy combined with gold influences the appearance of plating. Pink gold uses the least amount of copper, followed by rose gold, and red gold has the highest copper content.


A rose gold finish paired with a Rose Quartz Mirrored lens by Oliver Peoples


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Soft shapes, such as ovals and the like, were reintroduced to many collections showcased at the SILMO World Optical Fair.  Smooth looking  and sophisticated, the  oval appears flattering on many faces.


Minimal refinement offered by MYKITA

Any point of an oval belongs to an arc with a constant radius whereas in an ellipse the radius is continuously changing. This shapes’ characteristic eccentricity makes it a welcome alternative to harder edged forms.

A bold presentation from Francis Klein

Ellipses are common in physics, astronomy and engineering. For example, the orbit of each planet in the solar system is approximately an ellipse. These shapes are naturally suited to frame one’s eyes!


A voluminous oval by Anne et Valentin inspired by Alexander Calder mobiles

Elegant in their simplicity, these soft, symmetric forms can be appreciated at Josephson locations throughout Toronto.



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The annual SILMO World Optical Fair led us to “la Ville-Lumière” once again this past September.  The distractions of the Supermoon  and our beautiful surroundings  could not divert our focus from the 900 exhibitors from across the globe showcasing the diversity of  products and style trends influencing our purchases.

The hand-made construction and intricate detailing of many of the frames we order restricts the delivery of much of our inventory be several months.  While some back orders still remain in production, the majority of the finds from our adventure have reached our stores.  The wait was well worth it.

In this and subsequent posts I will be highlighting the innovations and  styling techniques introduced by the  designers of brands we revere.  The financial  investment and commitment to  the research and development required  to produce these remarkable objects is substantial. We would like to credit the visionaries before their concepts reach the mainstream!

   Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects, in recent centuries using vitreous enamel, and in older periods also inlays of cut gemstones, glass, and other materials.


Two exceptional applications of this decorative lacquering  technique feature prominently on new models produced by Thom Browne and Chrome Hearts Eyewear.


Windsor Rim treatments to the eye-wires of metal frames are once again in vogue.  Applied with leather or acetate trim, like the example from Garrett Leight California Optical, below


…or applied with delicate enamel detailing, as is the case regarding  the Matsuda Eyewear frame, above.

You are invited to view the new releases from these celebrated collections at our Flagship location.

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The Clear Advantage

09 Jan

During the hours of reduced light throughout our bleak mid-winter, a revolutionary lens treatment now exists which can enhance your visual experience as you revel in the sun’s rays.

Premium brands Cartier and Chrome Hearts now offer sunglass models featuring patented NIR Technology.  The goal of diffusing and eliminating reflections within a lens was first pursued  in the 1980’s. A prototype was produced in the 1990’s, but until now limitations  in fabrication technology restricted production of non-image reflecting lenses.

Santos de Cartier Aviator in a brushed ruthenium finish with blue PVD  screws and leather brow accessory.

A revolutionary process  reduces internal reflections and sharpens clarity, despite the clouded, opaque appearance of the lens.  The technology is enclosed within the lens  to protect it from scratching or exposure to harmful environmental conditions.

Chrome Hearts’ P. Donner featuring butterscotch tortoise coloured zyl and .925 sterling silver décor.

NIR lenses have oleophobic coatings on the front and back surfaces to resist oil and moisture and to make cleaning easier. The result is a durable lens with outstanding optics and a unique “matted mirror” or satin finish appearance. NIR lenses are made of CR-39 material and block 100% of harmful UV light.

We invite you to experience the exceptional clarity provided by these lenses at  Josephson Opticians’ locations featuring  Cartier and Chrome Hearts Eyewear.



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Precious And Exotic

08 Aug

   Gold & Wood Eyepieces of Luxumberg produce an elegant and contemporary range of  styles in precious metals and exotic materials. In addition to domesticated buffalo horn, Gold & Wood uses natural woods carefully sourced from authorized and controlled regions around the world. The varieties include Ebony from tropical Africa, Bubinga from Cameroon and Gabon, Amaranth from Brazil, Tanganika from Africa and Bolivar from Canada.

The image above depicts a model formed from fine veneers of mauve Birdseye Maple and red Tanganika laminated to sheets of aluminum. The process involves up to 20 production steps, incorporates a hypoallergenic resin and results in the creation of a durable yet light weight frame.

Wooden frames offer a unique tactile experience to the wearer.  Their  organic composition feels natural and familiar against the skin.

For a limited time, a more extensive range of product than we would typically stock is currently  featured at both our Eglinton Avenue and Flagship locations.  It includes a collection of sunglasses.

You are invited to visit both locations in order to appreciate the unique and sophisticated frames handcrafted by the artisans employed by Gold & Wood.




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Bright And Bold

04 Aug

  Our assortment of hand made frames by Bevel continue to have broad appeal and remain perennial favorites. We have carried the brand  since 1999 and the quality of  its Japanese production has been as consistent as the classic and minimalist esthetic of each collection.

Founders Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson maintain that eyewear is as essential to personal style and self-esteem as apparel or cosmetics. Their frames are designed with that  adage in mind.

  The dynamic pairing of bright and bold colours applied in matte finishes is a typical  feature on Bevel’s pure titanium models. Hues such as teal, crimson and spearmint constitute a pallet of great breadth and variation.

We invite you to appreciate the range of Bevel’s currant collection, in person, at all of our Josephson locations.



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My most gratifying experience while attending  North America’s premier optical trade show last spring was my encounter with Elizabeth Faraut, Creative Director and CEO of La LOOP.

Our meeting was her first appointment booked  at the event and she graciously  acquainted  me with new designs, twenty of which are typically released each season.

Elizabeth’s unwavering  passion for the unique item she developed in 1999 was expressed through her description of it’s production and in the  manor she physically handled the luxurious and essential accessory.  Its creation was born of necessity.

Having misplaced too many pairs of glasses, herself, Elizabeth created a stylish and  functional line of jewelry from which eyewear can be suspended.  A La LOOP retains the integrity of a frame’s adjustment as it hangs without compromising the wearer’s style.

Patented for utility and design, the 360-degree hinges on either side of the loop keep  glasses secure and in place without bending, twisting, or falling out. When the glasses hang, the necklace moves independently of the loop leaving the frame laying flat and stable against the wearer.

The first necklace for eyewear, La LOOP has been recognized worldwide as an invention by countless museums including New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Elizabeth personally oversees the production of the hand-made  pieces and ensures that the  materials incorporated are sustainably sourced from local suppliers within  their countries of origin. These adornments include fresh water pearls, pyrite, agate, quarts, wood and shell.

Most loops are sterling silver, while others are plated in gold vermeil, antiqued and satin finishes. The leathers used in the necklaces come from a fifth-generation mill in Northern Italy. Gemstone and beaded La LOOPS are strung on nylon thread for added durability and finished with a matte French wire.

We stock an extensive selection of La LOOPS and a variety of hand-made eyewear leashes. We invite you to all Josephson locations in order to appreciate Elizabeth’s innovations.


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