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Pump Up The Volume

29 Dec

As an alternative to the prevailing trend towards thin and refined eyewear frames, Germany manufacturer Walter Wising & Co. offers new styles distinct in their structure and expression. Established in 1953, the brand facilitates craftsman in a single workshop in Germany in order to produce these uniquely audacious objects.

Hand-made in 8mm thick laminates of matte acetate, models from the 8w collection are conspicuously bold due to their exaggerated depth of form. The thoughtful design of these colourful styles  ensures that  their functionality and comfort of wear are not compromised by their emphasized volume.

More playful than austere in spirit, these chunky frames are sure to command attention and provoke reactions of wonderment and delight.

New releases from Walter Wising & Co. are available at Josephson Opticians’ Flagship location, as well as our  Eglington Avenue,  York Mills and Humbertown Center locations.

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Motley mixtures of patterns and colours featured on a single frame command attention and may inspire awe! The creations of Germany’s Walter Wissing & Co. manage to be expressions of an exuberant nature without appearing garish. They are simultaneously whimsical and sophisticated.

During our recent visit to the Silmo World Optical Fair held in Paris we committed to the purchase of a great variety of hand crafted frames from Walter Wissing & Co..  The unique pairings of colours and patterns are produced to our specifications and each frame made for us bears the Josephson name.


We are most excited about the arrival of a curated selection of styles featuring abstracted motifs evocative of  woven textiles composed of bold ethnographic and tribal patterns.

Skillfully printed upon acetate, these motifs  are further enhanced by additional laminations of zyl in complimentary colours. These striking frames should appeal to those with eclectic tastes and an appreciation of a bohemian aesthetic.



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Express Yourself

27 Jun

Our new arrivals from Germany’s Walter Wissing & Co. should appeal to anyone wanting to make  a bold statement with their eyewear.  These handmade frames are each unique, as variations in patterns and distribution of colour vary depending upon how the acetate is cut.

Assert  yourself in vivid laminates comprised of  alternating opaque and translucent layers. These delightful pieces are sure to charm and delight while allowing you to express yourself without inhibition.

This collection is unlike anything else we have to offer.  An exceptional array of  options by Walter Wissing & C0., made specifically for Josephson Opticians, are currently on hand at our Flagship location.



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Select pieces from Walter Wissing and Co. have final arrived and they were certainly worth the wait.  We are proud of our affiliation with this German firm which has crafted eyewear since 1953.

Hand made to our specifications, and bearing the Josephson logo, these thin acetates feature luminous colours  muted by a textured surface.

Impression, Soleil Levant 1872 by Claude Monet, Musee Marmottan, Paris

Appearing alternately  opaque and  translucent, the effect of light on the colours on these pieces is evocative of the changing appearance of the sky in the plein-air landscapes of the impressionists.

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The work of artist P183, Moscow, 2012. Image c. REX FEATURES

If it seems there may be no reprieve from the ravages of winter on your psyche,  take heart.  Daylight Savings Time begins shortly.  In addition to the  the added hour of daylight expect the return of warmth and vibrancy to your life.

   Even as the snow continues to drift around us, we can offer you our  inspiring new stock of bright and cheerful frames from Germany’s Walter Wissing & Co..  These charming creations  feature a remarkable range of colour in a single frame without appearing lurid.  Their design is  a masterful balance of  sophistication with an irreverence of convention.

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