At the best of times it was not a good idea to have only one pair of eyeglasses. The current state of affairs in which we are living intensifies this need. This is a changing and challenging world at present. Unfortunately, and with heavy hearts, we had made the decision to close our optical stores on March 18 to protect our valued clients as well as our respected employees. One thing we may have learned through these difficult times, is that it is good to be pro-active and be prepared for the unknown. Who would have known that Covid-19 would happen and all stores close down to fight this terrible pandemic? As such, when life goes back to normal those that don’t have a spare pair of eyeglasses may consider that an important option.

Reason #1: Misplaced Eyeglasses. It is very common for people to misplace or even lose their eyeglasses. How many times have we heard of clients calling for replacement of specs they have left behind while travelling, be it in the airplane, hotel or taxi! If you only have one pair and are dependent on your prescription to read or to see anything clearly, you would be compromising your vision until a new pair of specs could be produced.

Reason #2: Accidents Happen. They can happen anytime, anywhere and when you least expect it. Whether due to carelessness, wear and tear, or someone sitting or stepping on eyeglasses you put down for short period of time, it can render your glasses unusable, being completely broken or in need of repair. Even if, luckily your glasses may be under warranty and a new pair ordered, having only that one pair of specs will leave you with poor vision until the replacement is made up. That is if you didn’t have an immediate back up available.

Reason #3: Back Up Pair For Your Car. Many people need glasses to be able to drive, but do not necessarily have to wear them all the time. It would behoove such people to have an extra pair of specs for the car for those times that the primary pair is left behind, whether forgotten, or an unplanned road trip.

Reason #4: Sports. People who play sports must be aware that there is always the potential for their eyeglasses to be damaged. It would also leave open the potential for eye injuries if this happens. Investing in a pair of prescription sports glasses, not only may prevent eye injuries because of the safety features of sports glasses, but can also give peace of mind knowing they can be used as a spare pair in the event of the primary pair being disabled for whatever reason.

Reason #5: Fashion. People have multiple shoes, purses, coats etc, all to break up the monotony of wearing the same thing all the time, or to match with different outfits, or life events. Why not have more than one pair of glasses for the same reasons? Eyeglasses are not only a necessity, but is one accessory that can instantly transform your look. For example, it can make the difference of you looking professional in a meeting or interview. If you cannot have multiple glasses, at least two pair would allow you to shuffle between a professional look, and a casual, edgy weekend look. Or whatever specific look you would like to achieve, eyeglasses can make that difference.

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In this day and age we take it for granted that if our vision is poor, it can be corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. This was not always the case. In the beginning of human life, for those people who were myopic, hyperopic or even presbyopic, the world was a blur.

In ancient Rome, the emperor Nero’s tutor Seneca, bragged that he could read books through a large glass bowl filled with water, which magnified the print. It was shortly after, around 1000 AD, that the very first visual aid was invented and called a reading stone. This reading stone was a glass sphere that was laid on top of the reading material to magnify the letters.

The first pair of corrective eyeglasses were made in Italy somewhere between 1268 and 1300. The first glasses were quite rudimentary and crude. They basically were comprised of two reading stones set in bone, wooden or leather frames that were either held in front of the face or perched on the nose.  Glass blowers would make the lenses thinner or thicker, based on how much magnification was required.

An important development ensued in the early 16th century when concave lenses were created for the nearsighted Pope Leo X, allowing myopic people the ability to see clearly.

The next hurdle in eyeglass history was to manufacture a frame that would firmly stay on the head. This was accomplished in a very elementary way in 1730 by a London Optician who attached two rigid rods to the lenses and rested on top of the ears. Approximately a quarter century later these rods were refined to become a more modern day temple with hinges that enabled them to fold.

Benjamin Franklin is generally credited for the invention of bifocals in the late 1700’s, although there are those who question that, saying that they were invented in England in the 1760’s and Franklin saw them there and brought them across the ocean for himself.  The lenses for distance and close up were cut in half and placed on the same frame together. Benjamin Franklin called his glasses “double spectacles”.  The name bifocals came to fruition when trifocals were invented by John Isaac Hawkins in 1824.  The trifocals allowed an individual to focus on three different distances.   Around the same time cylindrical lenses were produced that could correct astigmatism.

As for frame styles, pince-nez glasses, that were introduced in the mid-14th century, made a comeback in the 19th century, popularized by the likes of Teddy Roosevelt.  Monocles and lorgnettes (eyeglasses on a stick) were also developed around the same time.  By the early 20th century the availability of plastic molded into frames allowed a change from metal, wood and horn frames, to new styles and shapes in full frames.  Round tortoise shell glasses became all the rage for those emulating some silent film stars.

Sunglasses became popular in the 1930’s, in part because of the advent of polarized lenses, and in part made popular by glamorous movie starts wearing them.  During World War 11 the aviator style of sunglasses were adapted for pilots to wear.  Around the same time, advances in plastics allowed for frames to be made in a variety of colors and shapes.  “Cat-eye” glasses became the rage for women as a feminine fashion statement.

A major advancement in lenses came about in 1959 with the advent of the no-line multifocal lenses, or progressive  lenses.  Photochromatic lenses, that turned dark in sunlight and clear indoors, first became available in the late 1960’s.  They were called photogrey and were glass lenses only and available in grey initially.  With the introduction of plastic lenses in the 1980’s, plastic photochromatic lenses were produced in the 1990’s and available in brown or grey.  Modern technology continues to make improvements on an ongoing basis.  Plastic photchromatic lenses are now available in a variety of colors, newest RX lenses are now digitally enhanced for the sharpest vision and protective coatings continue to make advancements.

As for eyeglass style trends, they come and go.  Often what is old becomes new again.


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Josephson buyers travel the world several times a year in anticipation of innovations in eyewear. These innovations may be presented at various trade shows such as MIDO, taking place in Milan in March, SILMO, held in Paris each September, and INTERNATIONAL VISION EXPO in New York City in the spring. The events showcase everything from the latest eyewear trends to the most innovative optical technology.

Our buyers frequently meet with the actual designers of the prestigious collections that we feature in our stores. It is at these trade show events that eyecare meets eyewear and education, and fashion and innovation mingle.

There is often a collaborative measure to these trade shows in that opinions offered to the designers by our buyers and other opticians may effect the conception and production of future styles. Many of the designers do appreciate input that would optimize the fit and function of their handcrafted frames.

Because of Josephson’s longstanding quality reputation, we are generally able to bring fashion trends and innovation before anyone else in the Canadian market.  We also are able to claim exclusivity on certain new lines and products.

With all this information and innovative choices, our buyers will cherry pick what we feel would work best, be of interest, and bring excitement to our clientele. Only the best of each handcrafted artisanal manufacturers will make their way into Josephson stores, providing  a choice of high quality frames that are not mass produced.

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Effective January 3, 2020, Josephson’s flagship store at our 60 Bloor St. location will be closing it’s doors in anticipation of a new look for Josephson in terms of a complete renovation. We are looking forward to a new logo for our unique concept store when we re-open in February 2020. We enthusiastically await your visit to our bright, exciting new space.

While we are busy renovating, we will be temporarily moving to a location on the concourse level of 60 Bloor St. W.   To join us in our temporary location, you can enter through the Cumberland Terrace doors just north of us and go downstairs. We will be located directly across from The Gap entrance on the lower level.

Whilst in our interim location, we will be available to service our clientele with their eyeglass needs and in addition, we will have an offering of select frames at 50% off! This renovation sale is exclusive to our 60 Bloor St. location, and until our renovation is complete.

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Josephson Opticians invites you to come and see the latest collection of Danish designs by Lindberg. On December 7 at our flagship Bay/Bloor store, we will be previewing the handcrafted collection and can help with a bespoke consultation to design the perfect combination of frame and colours to suit you.

The highly popular line of frames marries function and comfort with fashion. It is a unique blend of classic elegance, discreet yet fashion forward with technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. These technical innovations allow Lindberg to manufacture their frames without screws, rivets or welds. Each frame is customized to your particular preferences, including a multitude of colour choices and combinations. The frames are then hand-finished and individually numbered. The end result are frames that are incredibly strong, flexible and among the lightest and most comfortable in the world..

Lindberg has several collections in their line-up of beautiful frames. One collection, carried by very limited luxury retailers, are their horn frames.
Buffalo Horn is one of nature’s luxuries, providing a warmth and unique feel. Horn can be unruly to work with, but Lindberg has taken on the challenge with superior workmanship and advanced technology.   Lindberg combines 152 in-house processes to finish each buffalo horn frame, producing an ultra thin horn front, hand polished to bring out mother nature’s exquisite colour patterns. The frame front features layers of laminated horn, which provides this porous material with greater strength and stability. The fronts are then combined with lightweight, adjustable titanium temples.

LINDBERG buffalo titanium – Men

As is the case with the whole line of Lindberg frames, the horn frames can be bespoke with a variety of colour choices both for the frame front and the temples.  The unique natural colorations of buffalo horn, along with the customizations available, allows these frames to be truly one of a kind.


(As a side note:  For those of you concerned about how horn is obtained, it can be harvested without any harm to the animals.)


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It’s that time of the year again! Fall is absolutely here, Halloween has just about come and gone. Christmas is still a couple months away. So what is left to be excited about now? Why of course it is Josephson’s sale time!!

Starting November 1,  there will be hundreds of beautiful, handcrafted frames that will be 30% – 50% off.

Some of the quality brands that have a selection on sale are: Lunor, Robert Marc, Oliver Peoples, Mykita, Dita, Thom Browne….and more!

This is your opportunity to afford that extra pair of glasses you wanted, or the computer specific glasses to make your work day easier. In addition, one can never have enough reading glasses when you can’t be without. Irrespective of the reasons, now is a great time to come to Josephson Opticians to expand your eyeglass wardrobe.

Hope to see everyone very soon!  Six great locations to choose from.   Sale ends November 23.

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In the year 2006, Thierry Lasry, the French designer launched his first line of sunglasses. His talent as an optical designer came by naturally, having been raised in a highly creative environment with an optician father and a designer as a mother.

The inspiration for his elegant, but edgy and unique line of sunglasses is “futuristic vintage – fusing vintage inspirations with an updated modern and avant-gardist touch”.  Thus the sunglasses have a futuristic but retro-inspired look. Thierry Lasry’s motto was “back to the future” and with that he created looks whose shapes carry a refined and contemporary edge.

All of the acetate frames are handmade in France with meticulous craftsmanship. The acetate is of the highest quality from the highly reputable Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli. The techniques used are more of a sculpturing than regular cutting techniques. In addition most undergo a process of layering whereby textures are created by combining sheets of different colored acetates one against the other. This provides for a very unique and often highly graphic look.

Thierry Lasry considers each of his designs as his “babies” and with that the name of each model ends in a “Y”, which is the letter found at the end of both the designers first and last names.

Generally speaking, the Thierry Lasry consumer is an active, fashion conscious consumer who is independent and curious in nature. “A creator not a follower”. Some of the designer’s patrons are stars such as Madonna, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon……. and the list goes on.

Priyanka 07

This designer has done several collaborations with various brands and most recently has collaborated with Mattel Toys to produce a life size sunglass with matching Barbie and Ken doll sunwear, in a very exclusive gift box.


**info Thierry

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Computers, including other forms of digital devises are truly an integral part of most peoples lives these days. Many professions require focusing on a computer for extended periods of time. This can be particularly straining for presbyopes, a condition of those generally over the age of 40 when the ability of the eyes to adapt to various differences diminishes.

When you work at a computer for an extended period of time, it is common to experience eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes and/or red eyes, all of which are common symptoms of computer vision syndrome, or CVS. A proper computer vision correction will allow the eyes to focus more accurately and with less effort.

There are special purpose glasses made specifically for computer use. Many presbyopes try to get by wearing progressive lenses for the computer as they do provide the various reading distances needed for close, intermediate and far vision. The difficulty arises when the computer monitor is at eye level forcing the wearer to tilt the head back in order to focus on the screen, since the intermediate , or “arms length” reading area is below the pupil. Many people will either lean in or lean backwards to find that “sweet spot” in their lenses where they can see best. These awkward positions can cause neck and shoulder pain as well as potentially arm or lower back pain.

While there is no one specific type of computer glasses that fit all, there are computer or office lenses that work for a large majority of people who are presbyopes. These lenses correct your vision for your computer screen which is usually positioned 20-26″ from the user’s eyes. The correct power for this distance is placed so that the user only has to look straight ahead for clear vision, be it on the computer screen or any other intermediate reading requirement such as piano sheet music. This intermediate reading area is noticeably wider than what is available on a progressive lens. The bottom of the lens would have quite a wide field of view for up close reading. In addition, these computer lenses can be further customized to allow for some “across the room” distance at the top of the lens, thus allowing the user to keep the glasses on while walking or viewing short distances.

All of these customizations allow for a much more comfortable viewing for your intermediate reading needs, reducing both visual and physical strains. Well worth trying out. Come and visit our Josephson stores for more detailed or specific information.

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Founded in 1988 by motorbike enthusiasts Richard and his wife Laurie Stark, the Chrome Hearts eyewear line embodies diversity in terms of timeless elegance with an inspiration  from Rock and Roll.

At it’s inception, Chrome Hearts manufactured leather motorcycle riding gear of the highest quality , such as leather jackets and trousers that only select customers could buy. In 1992 Chrome Hearts won a Fashion Design Award.  The business took off and became popular with rock stars and famous fashion designers such as Comme des Garcons and Karl Lagerfeld.

Related image

In addition to their line of leather clothing they introduced sterling silver jewelry, belts, luggage and bespoke leather and silver items. Most pieces feature symbols that mean something to the brand such as the Maltese Cross, daggers, fleur de lyes.  Each piece is gothic inspired, with evocative, and more often than not, provocative names.

In 1996 the Chrome Hearts designers and owners opened their first freestanding store in New York City. The brand became so popular worldwide with a hardcore international following, that they eventually opened over twenty five stores across the USA, Asia and Europe.

Chrome Hearts launched their eyewear collection in 2002. Where most quality frame manufacturers take six months to design and manufacture a line, a Chrome Hearts frame is a result of a two year labor of love. This is because Richard Stark believes in the value of the design stage itself, focusing on creativity and artistic virtuosity. They are also unconventional in that they do not follow the traditional seasons to introduce new lines, but  rather present new pieces as they are developed and designed.

Related imageWhile the focus of Chrome Hearts is on rock and roll inspired pieces, it also features more classic models. Consequently bikers are not the only Chrome Hearts admirers, but rather businessmen and women interested in a more traditional style are also fans of the brand.

Many of the models are available with wood temples, including mahogany, walnut and macassar ebony, as well as buffalo horn and leather. There is also a jeweled collection incorporating only the highest quality of white or black diamonds. All stones are selected and set by hand.  For the most part the embellishments on the frames are made of either sterling silver or are gold plated. Meticulous laser work is required to create these temple motifs.  Each decor or motif is cast in rough form, then polished by hand and antiqued one piece at a time.  Not a single detail is left to chance.Image result for chrome hearts media picsThis combination of quality materials and meticulous attention to details, as well as the time and care taken in the making of each Chrome Hearts frame, is what has earned Chrome Hearts it’s luxury eyewear label.  It is what is appreciated by their clientele with an eye for subtle and obvious quality.



*info:  Chrome Hearts

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Hoorsenbuhs is an American luxury brand. Founded by Robert Keith in 2005 in Santa Monica as a fine jewelry house, the designs are more weighty with chunky unisex rings, cuff bracelets and wallet chains with a chain link motif that has become the symbol for Hoorsenbuhs.

The Hoorsenbuhs chainlink symbol is inspired by a stud-link anchor on the Hoorsenbuhs – a Dutch merchant ship from the late 16th Century that was captained by founder Robert Keith’s ancestor. The chain link represents strength and integrity. The company has commanded worldwide renown and demand as a purveyor of fine accessories, as many iconic and influential personalities in the fashion, music and entertainment industries have embraced it.

Hoorsenbuhs as very recently launched their eyewear line alongside veteran eyewear developer Autsin Sands (who happens to be the son of the founder of Chrome Hearts). Each piece of eyewear is elaborately crafted by hand using advanced techniques from the finest eyewear workshops of Japan. Unique functioning parts with precious metal detailing including 24K gold and sterling silver are utilized throughout the creation, making these pieces truly jewelry for your face. Impeccable craftsmanship, timeless modern design and a bold iconic presence define the recognizable Hoorsenbuhs aesthetic. It is worn by both women and men alike. Hoorsenbuhs eyewear conveys the substance of something truly remarkable.

Basing all pieces on the symbolic tri-link, the Hoorsenbuhs makers motif is constantly revised into a seemingly endless array of forms, paying homage to the brands heritage. The eyewear collection is comprised of three unisex styles made of Japanese acetate and available in four colors. All have the signature tri-link motif symbolizing strength, quality and continuous opulence woven throughout the collection. Each style is available in both ophthalmic and sunglass versions. The sunglass lenses have custom CR39 laser-etched lenses with 100% UV protection.

Josephson is currently the exclusive dealer in Toronto for this exciting new collection. Available at our Bay-Bloor and Humbertown locations only.



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