Elegant Forms

Georgian Bay Rhythms by Doris McCarthy, 1969

Two recently released sunglass styles  by Clare Goldsmith have inspired me to consider an ideal location where their features are shared by an environment.   The Duke and Logan models are rugged forms with rounded contours, like the rocks and trees along the shore line of  Lake Huron  and the Muskoka District.

The 'Duke' in Black Horn

The ‘Duke’ in ‘Black Horn’

    The frames’  sleek  texture and smooth lines mimic those of  natural forms worn by the repetitive undulation of the waters in cottage country.  Their rich colour combinations are also evocative of the water and landscape of a dockside summer destination.


The ‘Logan’ in ‘Matt Amber Paradise’


    These hand-crafted sunglasses are  practical and elegant accessories to wear on  excursions into the landscapes that inspired the  artist Doris McCarthy.

Wave Movement #8 by Doris McCarthy, 1969

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