Nikon has just introduced a new revolutionary progressive lens called Seemax Ultimate. It encompasses the latest in customized digital technology, making it the most personalized and advanced progressive lens on the market.

Unlike ordinary progressive lenses, the Seemax Ultimate’s design is never predetermined but rather uniquely created for each individual much like a unique visual fingerprint. Each set of lenses are perfectly adapted to the patients visual needs, using a variety of parameters such as the previous and current RX, the current progressive lens type vs the ultimate, pupillary distance, angle that the frame sits on the face and curvature of the frame itself. The number of possible variations for all these customized measurements is as high as 428,793,740 combinations. As such it is virtually impossible to find two identical Ultimate lenses. The lenses are completely tailored to your needs, preferences and viewing habits.

One of the main differences this lens has over other progressives is a sensitivity test used to determine your visual preference or adaptation to aberrations that would normally cause distortions.  The end result of these customization’s is a lens that feels so natural that one can forget they are wearing progressives.  The lenses have seemingly boundless views with minimal visual distractions.  Regardless of what lens type was worn before, everything is instantly familiar right from the start.

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