About Josephson Opticians

About Josephson Opticians
Josephson Opticians has become a Toronto landmark for carrying fashionable, cutting edge eyewear for over 70 years. With 6 locations across Toronto, Josephson Opticians boasts clients that read more like the Who’s Who of the city. Over the years, the stores have also hosted some of the world’s top eyewear innovators and designers to custom fit their collections to Josephson’s clientele.

About the Founders
Josephson Opticians was established by David R. Josephson in 1935.  An early pioneer in the fitting of hard contact lenses, David continued his emphasis on the quality, fit and performance of eyewear.  His professionalism resulted in word-of-mouth referrals from ophthalmologists, optometrists and clients alike. David was joined by his wife Merryl whose passion for business excellence and extraordinary client relationships became the hallmark of the business.  Together, they travelled to New York and Europe to seek out the latest trends in unique eyewear collections and created a Canadian retail success story built on quality products and unrivalled customer service.

Josh Josephson
Josh Josephson is the owner of Josephson Opticians and The Cookbook Store. A former research optometrist, Dr. Josephson also serves as a director of No No, Inc., a private, clinical-stage biotherapeutics company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of common health disorders with unmet needs, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, and pain. Dr. Josephson, has been the Chairman of the Ophthalmic Devices Subcommittee of the Standards Council of Canada since 1984 and is Canada’s voting expert at the meetings of the International Standards Organization (ISO), responsible for setting world quality standards for spectacle lenses and frames, optical instruments, contact lenses and contact lens care products.