Anticipating The New

Each Autumn we anticipate the innovations in eyewear which are premiered at the SILMO World Optical Fair held in Paris each September. Our buyers frequent this benchmark trade show in order to meet with the actual designers of the prestigious collections we feature in our stores.

Suggestions and opinions offered by our buyers and opticians can effect the conception and production of future styles.  Artisanal manufactures are often receptive of the imput of the technicians who actually dispense their eyewear.  This collaborative measure serves to optimize the fit and function of hand crafted frames and to distinguish them from those which are mass produced to meet the demands of fad and fancy.

One of the most celebrated returns of the past few years has been that of fine marquetry adoring fine metal frames.  The  2013 Matsuda Eyewear Collection, in particular, exceeded our expectations.


James Kisgen, founder and CEO at PM International was instrumental in the relaunch of the brand in 2010.  Great care has been taken to perpetuate the standards established in the production of  classic pieces of the past.  Many  subsequent designs have been influenced by the suggestions solicited from vendors who carried Matsuda’s   previous collections in the 1990’s.

James asked members of the Josephson team to recollect past pieces , motifs and finishes  we felt were particularly strong and well received. We our honored that our opinions are valued and that they may impact designs to come.

Shown here are  models from the current  collection which feature hand lacquered motifs, textured filigree and coined surfaces- all distinguishing details of Matsuda’s craftsmanship.

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