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The Cannes Film Festival Jury once presented director David Cronenberg a Prix Special du Jury to cite his audacity and daring. If the eyewear industry was to bestow an equivalent honor, there would be no more worthy recipients than  Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark,  the founders of Chrome Hearts.

Their frames are given provocative names which allude to all things carnal.  They also feature sacred motifs appropriated with a certain irreverence.  But it is the Stark’s uncompromising determination to manufacture  luxury goods to the highest standards that best exemplifies their ballsy resolve.

Since the founding of Chrome Hearts in 1988, the couple have produced leather apparel, jewelry and home furnishings of exceptional quality. Their efforts earned them the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Award for accessory design in 1992.

Musician Jesse Jo Stark, Chrome Hearts Founders Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark. Source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images North America

 Chrome Hearts Eyewear has been in production since 2002.  Under the Stark’s creative direction, with contributions from their daughter Jessie Jo, the Japanese craftsman who produced their frames have met the challenge of  materializing the family’s concepts. Through their  processes, which often require the invention of new fabricating techniques and machinery,  precedents of innovation have been set for the  industry.  

The Stark’s enforcement of  the highest standards of production  and the intricacy of assembly required for each frame often results in  back orders and limited editions.  What results is certainly worth the wait.

Frames can comprise of elements made of natural buffalo horn,  cross-grain laminations of exotic woods, enamel inlays, .925 sterling, full grain Italian leather and pure titanium. The metals used are often plated with heavy gold and black rhodium. Laser etchings, relief cuttings and beveled coin-edged treatments adorn most models.

Hand made Japanese and Italian zyl acetate components are provided a matte finish, or are tumbled for 72 hours to produce a maximum luster, then hand polished.  Mottifs such as the BS Fleur, CH Plus, Floral Cross and Dagger are masterfully incorporated into the design of these remarkable creations.

You are invited to appreciate these rare and exceptional frames at our Flagship, Brookfield, York Mills, and Eglinton Avenue  locations.

Here is a link to Jake Shears’ interview with Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark from the March 14th, 2012 edition of Paper Magazine. It’s a great account of couples’ achievements and the Chrome Hearts ethos.



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