Many people have several pairs of shoes and ladies several purses to wear for different occasions, multiple coats for the changes of seasons.  We have clothing for dressy occasions, clothing for casual wear and workout or sports clothes for whatever form of exercise we do.

In the same way,  we can use an assortment of eyeglasses for multiple purposes.  Your glasses can create a finishing touch to your fashion attire, being more subdued or elegant for a night out on the town, or trendy or edgy for the daytime.  Perhaps a change in colors to reflect your outfit for the day.

But aside from your fashion sense,  there are a few other reasons to purchase multiple pairs.  Consider your daily activities.  For example you may not want to wear your best eyewear for the tennis court, or whatever sport you play, but rather have a protective pair  of sports glasses for that purpose.

In addition, everyone should own at least one pair of sunglasses.  Sunglasses are of utmost importance,  particularly in this day and age of depleted ozone layers in the sky and high UV levels.  We need to protect our eyes from the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun.  To be more specific, you could have sunglasses for sports,  polarized lenses for being near the water or driving, and then fashion sunglasses for your days “on the town”.

With the increasing dependence on digital devices, or more specifically desk top computers and laptops, there is a need for another pair of corrective eyewear dedicated to such purposes.  While progressive lenses provide the capability of reading at various distances, people who are on their computers for many hours of the day may find it a strain to keep their head up to read their monitor or find that the visual field of clarity is too small.  A dedicated pair of computer specific lenses would provide a wide range of viewing for the computer monitor and thus be much more comfortable with less eye, neck and shoulder fatigue.

If reading is your forte for which you spend a good deal of time, then a pair of reading glasses might be a welcome addition to your progressive lenses since the reading area in progressive lenses is minimal.  It would also help for those who like to read in bed as the reading material can then be held anywhere without having to find the “sweet spot” for reading as in a progressive lens.

Last but not least, it is always a good idea to have a backup pair of glasses, particularly if you can’t function without your prescription eyewear.  If you have an accident and break your glasses or lose them, your backup glasses can save the day.  With a  spare pair of glasses you continue with your regular routine and have something to wear while your primary glasses are fixed or replaced.



Nikon has just introduced a new revolutionary progressive lens called Seemax Ultimate. It encompasses the latest in customized digital technology, making it the most personalized and advanced progressive lens on the market.

Unlike ordinary progressive lenses, the Seemax Ultimate’s design is never predetermined but rather uniquely created for each individual much like a unique visual fingerprint. Each set of lenses are perfectly adapted to the patients visual needs, using a variety of parameters such as the previous and current RX, the current progressive lens type vs the ultimate, pupillary distance, angle that the frame sits on the face and curvature of the frame itself. The number of possible variations for all these customized measurements is as high as 428,793,740 combinations. As such it is virtually impossible to find two identical Ultimate lenses. The lenses are completely tailored to your needs, preferences and viewing habits.

One of the main differences this lens has over other progressives is a sensitivity test used to determine your visual preference or adaptation to aberrations that would normally cause distortions.  The end result of these customization’s is a lens that feels so natural that one can forget they are wearing progressives.  The lenses have seemingly boundless views with minimal visual distractions.  Regardless of what lens type was worn before, everything is instantly familiar right from the start.

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Orgreen Optics – Minimalist Sophistication

Founded in Copenhagen in 1997, this high end Danish design eyewear is handcrafted in Japan. The Orgreen line incorporates “timeless simplicity with playful innovation”. Orgreen is known in the optical industry for it’s superb quality titanium frames in creative color combinations with subdued mat finishes. They are individually crafted with more than 100 processes, hence each frame may take up to six months to achieve the level of perfection demanded by Orgreen standards, Their colors are developed in Denmark in-house and skillfully carried out in world class color labs in Japan with coloring processes that consist of at least 15 individual steps


Innovation, quality, minimalism and clean lines with subtle touches are found in all Orgreen frames, providing for a sleek sophistication.


Most recently Orgreen has expanded their repertoire of eyewear to include a new acetate collection.  These new frames include beautiful details and unique colors and color combinations, while remaining minimalistic and maintaining Orgreen’s high level of quality and design they are known for.

The depth of the acetate material allows for layering of colors and consequently some of the acetate frames may have as many as three different colors in one frame.  These ambitious colors in many of the new acetates are a long-standing characteristic or Orgreen products.

Josephson Opticians has re-introduced Orgreen into our stores, including our flagship store at Bay and Bloor.  Come and see the exquisite new collection of both titanium and acetate frames.

*info Orgreen Optics

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The light that reaches the human eye is comprised of non-visible and visible light, those being the wavelengths from 380 to 780 nm. Ultraviolet rays are considered non-visible. We’ve known for years that UV can cause damage to biological tissue such as our skin and eyes, which is why we apply sunscreen on our skin and should always protect our eyes with UV screens on our sunglasses. Blue light, however, is considered visible and because it penetrates all the way to the retina at a specific range it has the potential to cause damage to our eyes.


Blue light in the harmful spectrum may disrupt cellular metabolism in the retinal pigment epithelium layer. This layer contains melanin granules that attract and absorb the blue light wavelength and may then cause lesions that can lead to retinal cell death. This may then increase the risk of macular degeneration, particularly for those already at risk for it. Children under the age of 18 and patients who have had cataract implants are particularly at risk for retinal damage since their newer, clear lenses are less likely to filter out blue light than an older yellowed with age lens. However, and ironically, despite the fact that natural aging and yellowing of the lens in your eye may provide some protection for the retina against blue light, further exposure to bue light will accelerate cataract progression.

Blue light is not all bad.  We enjoy a beautiful blue sky on a sunny day and we do need some of the natural blue light as a biological reminder to our bodies that it is daytime. This provides us with feelings of being alert, happy, energized and of being awake. In the absence of blue light, special cells in the retina are switched on and begin to produce melatonin, which lets our bodies know it is time to rest or sleep. Melatonin production at a particular time on a regular basis sets our sleep cycle and circadian rhythm to that time. Hence blue light signals our body when it is daytime and when it is nighttime. When we are exposed to artificial blue light such as that from our digital devices (computers, tablets, tv’s, cell phones etc) at night, our body is tricked into thinking it is daytime and suppresses the production of melatonin, our sleep inducing hormone. Continued disruption of melatonin production and consequent sleep patterns may also put one’s health at risk. A blue light filter in your lenses may therefore help you to have a better sleep if you are on your digital devices before bedtime.

business team working late at night with lights off and computers laptop screen light on. Business people working hard concept. 20-30 year old. Stock Photo - 79412211

In addition to disruption in sleep patterns, blue light can cause eyestrain. Blue light radiates at a short wavelength which scatters easily, consequently interfering with visual contrast and increasing eye fatigue.

In summation, a blue light filter in our lenses can help to eliminate many adverse effects that blue light producing digital devices have. Other helpful advice would be to decrease screen brightness, hold the digital device further from our eyes, take frequent breaks or limit use of our digital devices and try to avoid our digital devices within one hour before bedtime.

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Josephson Opticians are very excited to announce an exclusive preview of the latest handcrafted collection from world renowned Danish Lindberg. The location of the event will be at 60 Bloor St. W, our Bay/Bloor store, on December 8, 2018. The high end Scandinavian design brings forth a wealth of fashion inspiration.

Lindberg frames are like no others. They are a unique blend of classic elegance, discreet and yet fashion forward, with technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. Patented Lindberg technical innovations as well as carefully engineered and crafted details provide for a “revolutionized modern eyewear”. It also allows for Lindberg frames to be without screws, rivets or welds, making them exceptionally strong and flexible, in addition to being extremely light weight and comfortable. Because the frames are screwless, there is no need to worry about screws loosening up or falling out.

The materials used are responsibly sourced, selected not only for elegance, but exceptional strength and distinctive visual impact. The exclusive materials include titanium, acetate, and for the precious collection, gold, platinum and diamonds as well as a selection of natural buffalo horn. Josephson Opticians is proud to be the exclusive retailer in Toronto of these handcrafted precious frames.

Lindberg frames can be individually customized in terms of sizing, temple variations, and many come in a multitude of colours. Lindberg will also engrave your name and/or phone number on the temple as a courtesy. In turn your eyeglasses become a one of a kind design with the details and materials you choose. No mass produced “take it or leave it” designs. Your Lindberg frames may then be as individual and unique as the wearer.

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Josephson’s frame sale begins November 1 and continues until November 24th. Hundreds of beautiful handcrafted quality frames will be reduced by 30% to 50% off the regular retail price. Some sunglasses are included. Now would be a good time to purchase that extra pair of glasses you were thinking would be nice to have.  Or perhaps you were thinking of getting a pair of glasses dedicated to just reading or specifically computers to help make life easier for you. Whatever the reasons may be, now is a great time to explore the possibilities for a new pair of glasses.

Some designer brands are not included in the sale as well as our new arrivals.

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The One and Only La LOOP

Founded in the year 2000 by an American just back from an editorial shift in Paris, and a Wall Street business woman who had recently taken over the jewelry division at Southeby’s. The former Parisienne editor had recently “invented” a sleek piece of hardware with special rotating hinges that could attach to a necklace and hold a pair of glasses in place. Born was the La LOOP.

Image result for la loop images

The La LOOP necklace marries fashion with function – a combination of modern practicality and stylish jewelry. This provides for a practical and yet chic accessory. With patented technology, the 360-degree swivel hinges on either side of the loop provides for lateral and vertical movement, keeping your eyeglasses in place and allowing the loop to lay flat with the necklace portion moving independently.

Image result for la loop images

At first this patented La LOOP was only available in the most exclusive Manhattan neighborhoods, but today is available in hundreds of stores all around the world.

Image result for la loop images

La LOOP continues to innovate, designing more than 20 new styles each season, providing works of art made with the highest standards in a variety of luxurious materials. Materials such as leathers from a fifth-generation mill in Northern Italy, wood from the Philippines, opal from Brazil,. pearls and shells from New Zealand, and turquoise from New Mexico. La LOOP’s commitment to quality is seen by the amount of time put into creating each La LOOP. This provides for each piece being a work of art.

Image result for la loop images

Josephson Opticians is proud to carry a large collection of La LOOP’s. A perfect gift for your loved ones for the holiday season to come. Show you care by purchasing a La LOOP necklace and add the stylish accessory to your fashion wardrobe at the same time.

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Cartier – Luxury at its Finest

“Cartier looks beyond the fleeting fashions of the day, forging a style out of it’s extraordinary history, travels and encounters with exceptional personalities”

Cartier is a legend of it’s own right. The company was founded in 1847 in Paris and has established itself as one of the worlds most esteemed and respectful Maisons in the luxury goods industry. Many of the collections are a reflection of  someone admired by Louis Cartier, such as his friend, the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont for whom he designed the line of aviator-inspired frames now under the Santos collection. Its screw decor became a symbol that Cartier adapted to numerous product lines.   The screw decor symbolizes two moments in time, that being progress and tradition.

There is also the Panthere collection, a reflection of the sleek, smooth elegant panther. Louis Cartier’s inspiration for the Panthere line was from Jeanne Toussaint or “la panthere” as she was known. She was a woman of impeccable taste who nurtured a passion for this most graceful of felines.

The Trinity collection, with the Trinity rings on the temples are a timeless expression of love, fidelity and friendship – a sparkling and feminine vision of Cartier style. The trinity rings create a sensual look with pink, white and yellow gold finishes.

The Signature C collection is elegant and refined. It is the perfect illustration of how Cartier interprets modern expertise. “The different shapes and designs with straight lines and curves suit both men and women, enhancing their look with iconic details which give the frame a true signature”.

There is one more collection for the most discriminating of buyers, that being the Precious collection . Very classic and refined, these pieces are made of yellow, white and pink solid 18 carat gold and “imbued with delicacy and lightness”.

Josephson Opticians is proud to present Cartier’s newest collection of frames that includes not only the classics but many more modern looks as well.

*info Cartier.com

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UV protection of the eye is of utmost importance. UV radiation from the sun can damage not only the skin of your eyelids, but also the cornea and lens in addition to other parts of the eye. UV exposure contributes to the development of certain types of cataracts,  growths on the eye and possibly macular degeneration. Sunglasses should block 99-100% of both UVA and UVB rays.

UV radiation is present not only when the sun is shining but in the shade too. Even a cloudy day will produce harmful UV rays which can be as high as 70-75%. So sunglasses are highly recommended even if the sun isn’t bright. The actual color and degree of darkness of a sunglass is irrelevant to its ability to block UV rays.

Children are particularly sensitive to UV rays affecting their eyes. By the time they are 20 years old they have already been exposed to approximately half the amount of UV radiation a 60 year old has been exposed to. So the earlier you start to protect your eyes, the better off you’ll be.


Polarized VS UV Protected Sunglasses:
There are two distinctive types of protection that your sunglasses need to have whenever you are outdoors. The most crucial is the UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun. The second is the elimination of glare provided by a polarized lens. Polarization provides a better image clarity-the ability to see, for example, through a glary windshield or see through a body of water when the sun is reflecting off the water. This allows for enhanced contrast and depth perception. Also with polarization colors appear more vibrant and brighter and generally helps to reduce eye strain. The one caveat is that not all polarized lenses provide 100% UV, but only adequate UV protection. Check with your sunglass provider if your choice of sunglass has 100% UV protection.

The downside to wearing polarized sunglasses is that they can black out or even severely reduce or skew the visibility of LCD screens which is basically most digital devices. However, this writer believes that the benefits do outweigh this one disadvantage.

In general think of UV protected sunglasses as sunscreen for the eyes.

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Dita – Feel the Luxury!



Dita was founded in 1995, re-inventing eyewear by “transcending its conventions” and creating exceptional and discreet luxury eyewear. It’s designs range from bold character frames to new interpretations of timeless shapes through innovative technology. Highest levels of care and design in the manufacturing process provide a coveted reputation as a leader in optical innovation. All frames are hand crafted in Japan with great care and without regard for the extra time required to produce a product that can not only stand the test of time, but feels like luxury in hand. Production of one singular pair can sometimes take months.


One of their very popular iconic sun collections is the Mach series. It is inspired by the “love of fast cars, speed boats and sleek planes that are built with advanced construction methods and superb materials. These frames are built to ignite the same intensity that only the finest of these machines can trigger”. These sunglass frames are made of titanium, some with plastic rim details, titanium nose pads, acetate temple tips for comfort and easy adjustments. All have 100% UVA and UVB lenses with anti-reflective coatings.


Dita-Laminate frames are one of the newer innovations in the Dita family. These are manufactured without the thought of time. Their master craftsmen may take up to three times longer to craft each one.
“Dita-Laminate frames are milled, plated and hand laminated with a ground breaking manufacturing technique that reveals in contrast – pairing the strength of steel with the iconic silhouette of an acetate frame. The result of this process is a light-weight, extremely thin, durable eyewear that is unlike any other”.

Dita is the preferred eyewear of many discerning clientele, including A-list celebs. A collection not to be missed.


*images and info Dita.com


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