Brace For Impact

Aircraft Spotter, London, 1943


The recent revival of  vintage sunglass  features such as flat based lenses with reflective surfaces and cupped temporal shields has us in a nostalgic mood.

Looking as modern today as in decades past, the presence  of these conspicuous adornments and treatments commands your attention.  Though they may lack the utility of their initial intent, these features certainly evoke an allure.

  Matsuda Eyewear has produced a model which is  the most striking example of  this trend.  Exquisitely crafted, it incorporates elements of  matte acetate with  fine metal filigree and laser etched motifs.  It’s beautifully embossed leather side shields are hand-stitched with precision.   This marvel is a rare accomplishment and  epitomizes the level of craftsmanship for which the  exclusive brand is revered.

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