Cartier – Luxury at its Finest

“Cartier looks beyond the fleeting fashions of the day, forging a style out of it’s extraordinary history, travels and encounters with exceptional personalities”

Cartier is a legend of it’s own right. The company was founded in 1847 in Paris and has established itself as one of the worlds most esteemed and respectful Maisons in the luxury goods industry. Many of the collections are a reflection of  someone admired by Louis Cartier, such as his friend, the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont for whom he designed the line of aviator-inspired frames now under the Santos collection. Its screw decor became a symbol that Cartier adapted to numerous product lines.   The screw decor symbolizes two moments in time, that being progress and tradition.

There is also the Panthere collection, a reflection of the sleek, smooth elegant panther. Louis Cartier’s inspiration for the Panthere line was from Jeanne Toussaint or “la panthere” as she was known. She was a woman of impeccable taste who nurtured a passion for this most graceful of felines.

The Trinity collection, with the Trinity rings on the temples are a timeless expression of love, fidelity and friendship – a sparkling and feminine vision of Cartier style. The trinity rings create a sensual look with pink, white and yellow gold finishes.

The Signature C collection is elegant and refined. It is the perfect illustration of how Cartier interprets modern expertise. “The different shapes and designs with straight lines and curves suit both men and women, enhancing their look with iconic details which give the frame a true signature”.

There is one more collection for the most discriminating of buyers, that being the Precious collection . Very classic and refined, these pieces are made of yellow, white and pink solid 18 carat gold and “imbued with delicacy and lightness”.

Josephson Opticians is proud to present Cartier’s newest collection of frames that includes not only the classics but many more modern looks as well.


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