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Dita was founded in 1995, re-inventing eyewear by “transcending its conventions” and creating exceptional and discreet luxury eyewear. It’s designs range from bold character frames to new interpretations of timeless shapes through innovative technology. Highest levels of care and design in the manufacturing process provide a coveted reputation as a leader in optical innovation. All frames are hand crafted in Japan with great care and without regard for the extra time required to produce a product that can not only stand the test of time, but feels like luxury in hand. Production of one singular pair can sometimes take months.


One of their very popular iconic sun collections is the Mach series. It is inspired by the “love of fast cars, speed boats and sleek planes that are built with advanced construction methods and superb materials. These frames are built to ignite the same intensity that only the finest of these machines can trigger”. These sunglass frames are made of titanium, some with plastic rim details, titanium nose pads, acetate temple tips for comfort and easy adjustments. All have 100% UVA and UVB lenses with anti-reflective coatings.


Dita-Laminate frames are one of the newer innovations in the Dita family. These are manufactured without the thought of time. Their master craftsmen may take up to three times longer to craft each one.
“Dita-Laminate frames are milled, plated and hand laminated with a ground breaking manufacturing technique that reveals in contrast – pairing the strength of steel with the iconic silhouette of an acetate frame. The result of this process is a light-weight, extremely thin, durable eyewear that is unlike any other”.

Dita is the preferred eyewear of many discerning clientele, including A-list celebs. A collection not to be missed.


*images and info Dita.com


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