Enduring Appeal

F. Scott Fitzgerald at leisure, 1920

Shane Baum’s luxury brand Leisure Society caters to the  conspicuous consumer with an appreciation of heirloom design.  The frames are intended to have lasting appeal and are investment pieces. Their inherent value is evident in the quality of their Japanese production. Precisely crafted with the intention that they should last forever, the frames are fashioned in enduring good taste.

The collection features models cast out of pure 12k, 18k and 24k  yellow and white gold plated titanium. Sophisticated enamel and laser etched buffalo horn inserts compliment the refined coined surfaces of the wire rims.


The detailing on many of the frames requires over 6 hours on a state of the art computer controlled milling machine, thus limiting production to only 4 frames per day. The effort expended in the creation of these coveted objects should be  appreciated…at your leisure.


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