An experiment in pure design and structural aesthetics

Introducing a newly launched pure designed and structurally aesthetic eye wear line. A minimalist design concept that strips away at all the unnecessary elements within  an exceptional and traditional craftsmanship that embodies the “Made in Japan” tradition.

Introducing YUICHI TOYAMA,  quality with exceptional traditional craftsmanship and innovative design. Simple yet unique. An eyewear line expressing individuality without trend.

Yuichi Toyama is deeply influenced by the history of eyewear. His design is an interpretation of the traditional aesthetics of structure and color, combined with modern eyewear decor. This is the strong basis on which he develops the new collections.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of

Yuichi’s artistic journey as an eyewear designer. To acknowledge the quarter century milestone, the brand changes its name from USH to YUICHI TOYAMA  to achieve its full potential in continuing to offer unconventional, timeless products based on an extraordinary experience and the highest Japanese quality.


Come and experience this unique and distinctive eyewear,  uninfluenced by neither trends nor fashion, YUICHI TOYAMA, exclusively at Jospehson Opticians Flagship store-Bay & Bloor location.

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