Framing Local Faces

In celebration of our 80th year as a purveyor of exceptional eyewear in Toronto, we have launched a campaign featuring a sampling of our diverse and influential clientele. A selection of taste-makers, recognized as excerpts in their fields and representing a variety  of professions, were invited to participate in the exclusive shoot.  The pairing of the magazine cover concept with our Josephson patrons was conceived by the campaigns artistic director Ryan Conrad.

Featured faces include the following: celebrity chef Susur Lee, Globe and Mail Style Editor Nathalie Atkinson, Men’s Fashion Editor-in-Chief David Livingstone, Backseat Stylers blogger Sharon Ng Hayes, nationally celebrated photographer George Pimentel, stylist & jewelry designer Rosalyn Griffith-Hall and industrial designer & model  Jano Badovinac. We are grateful for  their support and participation in our promotion!










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