The Anne et Valentin line of frames was founded in 1984 by a couple of opticians from Toulouse, who were searching for unique frames with striking graphic lines for their friends.  They had a passion for designing frames that evoke expression.  Expression of our freedom, of our personalities and desires.  As such they have designed frames that fit a great variety of personalities.  Anne et Valentin believe a frame should not only flatter and complement, but express who you really are.  The frames can be colorful, edgy and artistic – frames that stand out and yet blend in.

The Made In France label is an ongoing commitment of high standards.  Anne et Valentin has used the same factories in France for more than 20 years, save for a few titanium models fabricated in Japan, as Japan is where the best titanium is made.

This impressive line of frames is crafted from a remarkable diversity of textures, materials and constructions.  Styles vary dramatically in scale with many petite options available.  A common thread throughout is the contemporary, very fashionable look of these hand crafted frames.

The motto of the label is “Don’t try to stand out.  Try to do something remarkable.”  And they do.

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