Gentlemen, Your Attention Please..

The  creative editing of the 15th issue of the British edition of GQ Style was influenced by the song tittles, album names and lyrics penned by the singer Morrisey.  The article ‘BONADRAG referenced the album tittle of the artist’s 1990 compilation album.  The use of the term ‘bona drag’ inferred that  there would be some ‘nice outfits’  featured.

Stylist Charle Casely-Hayford and photographer Hassan Hajjaj documented confident men in motley garb. The arctle’s  suggestion that “it takes a real man to wear pink” inspired me to select some frames to complement the featured ensembles.  The frames depicted are hand crafted  in Germany by Mykita and Blutsgeschwister.

Kevin Rowland photographed by Hassan Hajjaj

Dave Baby photographed by Hassan Hajjaj

Judy Blame photographed by Hassan Hajjaj

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