Catch The Drift

Hand made by a small team of engineers and artisans in Chicago, Illinois, DRIFT Eyewear is produced with an earnest determination to tell a story.  It is a tale inspired by the tradition of  manufacturing  eyewear in America. The story is also an account of how the  amalgamation of creativity, science, history, design, innovation, structure, and simplicity all converge into something tangible like a frame.

The brand extends its narrative by appropriating the names of characters from novels of  literary fiction in order to identify its models.  The shapes of the acetate fronts of Atticus (Finch), (Holden) Caulfield, Kilgore (Trout) and Dagny (Taggart) may well have flattered their namesake protagonists.

Each DRIFT frame features temples crafted from 5 layers of ethically-sourced timber. Laminations  of tropical Wenge, Walnut and Maple are reinforced with a stainless steel insert which ensures optimal strength, flexibility and balance.

The rich colours and textures offered within the DRIFT collection can be appreciated at our flagship location.


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