In Good Taste

Prior to frequenting Studio 54,  and  designing the minimalist ready-to-wear collections which adorned the jet-setters of  the disco era, Halston’s influence on American style was already established. A milliner by trade, he had created the pillbox hat Jacqueline  Kennedy wore to her husbands’ presidential inauguration in 1961.

Roy Halston Frowick in Paris, circa 1966, © Jean Barthet/Alexandre Barthet 2015

   Jean  Barthet photographed  Halston while on a trip to France in the 1960’s. In the image above the arbiter of taste wears a sleek and unembellished pair of sunglasses.  Their elegance brings to mind our new selection of Lunor frames.  Like Halston before them, Lunor Eyewear connoisseurs prove their taste and assurance through style.
DSC_1128   Produced in Germany since 1991, each Lunor frame features a clean silhouette and an elegant finish. The hand made acetates are tumbled for up to 2 weeks to obtain the ideal polish, or left matted for a contemporary effect.
   The collection’s exceptional hinges are cut out of solid blocks of metal and plated with four layers of precious metals.  Antique finishes are hand-brushed.
   Each metal surface is sealed with a layer of epoxy phenolic coating. All rivets are functional and enhance the frame’s durability.
  Lunor is a premium brand renowned for the uncompromised quality of it’s products.  These sunglasses are currently available at our Flagship location.
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