A Likeness of Harris Glenn Milstead

Image of Divine by Greg Gorman c.1987

Since 1981 the esteemed portrait photographer Greg Gorman  has shot the cultural provocateurs featured in l.a. Eyeworks‘ exceptional ad campaign. Its tagline has been consistently thus:  A face is like a work of art. It deserves a great frame.  No more apt a declaration could justify our efforts to pair the faces of our clientele with the eyewear best suited to them.

In the image above Gorman captures the campy exuberance of  Harris Glenn Milstead in the guise of Divine. The performer was one of the personalities featured in the l.a. Eyeworks campaign but in this instance he was wearing an iconic frame by Alain Mikli.

Vintage pieces from both collections are sometimes on view at our flagship location, where current selections are available for purchase. It’s also the spot where you might here the following track on a Saturday afternoon:

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