New York City is the inspiration, and holds the passion that drives the Robert Marc brand of frames. It is the city that never sleeps, a city full of possibilities and dreams that take shape. A city where icons dwell, many of whom wear the Robert Marc brand. In NYC trends are created and reinvented. The Robert Marc brand feeds off the vitality of the city.

In the 1980’s NYC was a hot spot of creativity for artists, musicians, designers and writers. It was during this time, in 1981, that Robert Marc, with the intent of making a name for himself, opened his first boutique. He quickly became known in the eyewear industry for his ability to marry both comfort and fashion in his frames. Robert Marc’s first collection, influenced by NYC as well as the stylishness of the French, was launched in 1999.

Robert Marc pays attention to every detail of their frames, including their trademarked hinge, which was inspired by historical design and construction.  The frames are handmade by artisans of premium materials and unique colors to create their classic eyewear pieces.

The newest collection for 2019 is a palette of rich textures and colors with new silhouettes, inspired from the lights and colors of New York. Robert Marc has also produced a special collection this year called Tribeca, influenced by none other than one of Manhattan’s most iconic neighborhoods. The collection features ophthalmic and sunglass frames in a bold monochromatic color palette in five unique styles and made up in beautiful colorful crystal colors.  Each piece is named for a street in the very hip Tribeca neighborhood.

Robert Marc NYC Capsule Collection 2019 TRIBECA. Vestry

In the city that never sleeps, Robert Marc never stops creating.


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