New Arrivals-To Each Their Own

We always anticipate the release of new models each season.   The eyewear arriving at our stores now should appeal to the full range of our clientele’s tastes-  we are offering an extensive  variety of  both contemparary  and classic styles.  There seems to be polar extremes of choice  at your disposal, and we are pleased  to offer such a  full compliment of options.

    Here are some highlights of what we’ve received:

Comune Di Portofino

    In a mood of vitality and optimism Alain Mikli has produced a limited edition palette of colours and patterns inspired by the harbour town of Portofino on the Italian Riviera.

  These luscious and fruity creations are typically available only at Alain Mikli shops and ateliers.  It is a treat and privilege to have acquired them.

   These dynamic and unique oddities are sure to induce smiles and fascination.  The checkered pattern has been a Mikli signature statement since 1978.  The colours depicted above are two of nine exclusively produced for the Chamarel Collection.


Chrome Hearts Eyewear

  Much  anticipated, the resurgence of fine marquetry adoring frames has begun!  The venerable Japanese master craftsmen employed by Matsuda and Chrome Hearts , respectively, have produced the most exceptional and refined frames we have seen in a long time.  Titanium and  solid .925 sterling silver are hand worked to produce these impressive results.

Matsuda Eyewear Collection

  Hand lacquered motifs, etching , textured filigree and coined surfaces are all hallmarks of these prestigious brands.  For the connoisseur, these new pieces are luxuries to covet.

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