Night Vision

11les_predateurs_david_bowie1  In acknowledgement of David Bowie’s 66th birthday, I draw your attention to a  cinematic masterwork directed by  the late Tony Scott.  The Hunger,  released in 1983, is a seminal homage to Gothic horror and features David Bowie, Susan Sarandon and a ravishing Catherin Deneuve in sumptuous settings.  There are also  short but compelling appearances by Ann Magnusan, Willem Dafoe and Peter Murphy.


 The art of seduction and the anguish associated with loss are key themes addressed in the film.  Phenomenal ambiance is created by the use of movements composed by Franz Schubert, Maurice Ravel, J. S.  Bach and the duet for two sopranos from Leo Delibes’ Lakme.


   The two exquisite  frames depicted above would have suited the doomed undead well.  They are new creations by Chrome Hearts and Thom Browne by Dita Eyewear.


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