Refinement Redux

Although conceptualized in  Toulouse, France, the ‘ELEGANTES’ collection from Anne et Valentin aims to achieve a very English sense of extravagance that, to the company’s description, “effortlessly combines discretion AND excess”.

These refined frames are  based on classic shapes rendered in modern form. Sober colours coal black and chocolate are paired with matte and gloss gold and silver to produce understated yet intriguing  results.

The models from the collection are named after the Irish author Samuel BECKETT, English poet William BLAKE, English author Samuel BUTLER and English authors Emily and Charlotte BRONTE.  All were  watchful, reflective types who kept their eyes on the world around them.

We hope our  male and female clients, alike, will appreciate these alternatives to the trend of conspicuous extremes . They represent a resurgence of refinement and an economy of scale.

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