Robert Marc = Truly Timeless Elegance

Robert Marc is a phenomenal creator of timeless, classic eyewear designs incorporating modern elements. His handcrafted designs include the trademarked hinge inspired by historical design and construction. This signature hinge adds distinction and luxury to each frame and unifies the collection.

Robert Marc frames are hand crafted with only the highest quality italian acetate and titanium. The collection is known for layering contrasting and complementary colors and patterns to create depth and glamour in each frame.

Known in the industry for creating inspirational themed seasonal collections, Robert Marc presents his latest creations reflecting the immense beauty of the isle of Capri.

The spring/summer 2018 collection embraces Capri’s natural vistas and unparalleled social scene. An emphasis on mixed materials permeates the collection, combining metal and acetate, as well as new twists on lens colors and finishes.

“Women’s styles are like Capri: effortless, chic, magic”, including such colors as Black Linen, Blue Grotto, Bella Rose, Terrazzo and Capri Tortoise.

“Men’s styles convey the timeless sophistication of island society”, including colors such as Vintage Crystal, Mahogany, Blue Bay, Grey Cliffs and Vintage Pink Crystal.

*Info and image source Robert Marc

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