Too Fantastic

The exquisite detailing and filigree embellishing the frames crafted by Matsuda Eyewear inspires awe and deserves high praise. The coined rims and etched surfaces featured in the  collection are produced with contemporary tools to standards of craftsmanship observed in the past.


These fantastic creations are the sort of accessory required for epic excursions both real and imagined.


The Graf Zepplin over Gizeh c.1931 photographed by George Lewis

They could be worn while navigating  dirigibles through  rarefied atmospheres or while racing locomotives though tunnels beneath seas.


Conspicuous  components such as springs and articulated side-shields also reference an industrial age when engineers  were as esteemed as intellectuals.

Laser etched temple motifs could be coded script revealing the coordinates of  secret societies.

Fine rose gold plating and hand-lacquered surfaces  are present on  new Matsuda  models featuring saddle bridges



An imagined voyage of unknown origin


Set course to our Eglington Avenue and Flagship locations in order to appreciate these remarkable curiosities in person!




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