Wear Them Out!

As we in Toronto wait patiently for Spring, our  latest arrivals from  l.a. Eyeworks of California remind us that the season of renewal   is close at hand.  We have placed them prominently at the front of our  Flagship location in order to inspire our winter ravaged clientele!

When the collection’s self-taught designers Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds opened their Melrose Avenue shop in 1979  the sign in the window  stated their intent.  It read : “Changing the face. Facing the change.

The pair remain  dedicated to the production of  quirky and unrestrained creations which can alter the aesthetic and outlook of the end wearer.   Gai maintains that “great glasses can be a catalyst of positive transformation for any person”.

The era-defining ‘Bondo’ frame of the 1980’s has evolved into the new ‘Bondu’ model in stainless steel.  It features the barrel of the eye-wire screw as a design element.

‘Date Shake’ in ‘Silver to Pink’  is light and opalescent. 

 ‘Cairo’ in ‘Kale and Hay Split’ features matte and textured acetate.

 ‘Bar Fedora’ in ‘Glass Berry’ is vibrant and flirtatious.

   We invite you to embrace the new and experience the delights of the l. a. Eyeworks collection.

Try them on!  Wear them out!

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