Many people have several pairs of shoes and ladies several purses to wear for different occasions, multiple coats for the changes of seasons.  We have clothing for dressy occasions, clothing for casual wear and workout or sports clothes for whatever form of exercise we do.

In the same way,  we can use an assortment of eyeglasses for multiple purposes.  Your glasses can create a finishing touch to your fashion attire, being more subdued or elegant for a night out on the town, or trendy or edgy for the daytime.  Perhaps a change in colors to reflect your outfit for the day.

But aside from your fashion sense,  there are a few other reasons to purchase multiple pairs.  Consider your daily activities.  For example you may not want to wear your best eyewear for the tennis court, or whatever sport you play, but rather have a protective pair  of sports glasses for that purpose.

In addition, everyone should own at least one pair of sunglasses.  Sunglasses are of utmost importance,  particularly in this day and age of depleted ozone layers in the sky and high UV levels.  We need to protect our eyes from the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun.  To be more specific, you could have sunglasses for sports,  polarized lenses for being near the water or driving, and then fashion sunglasses for your days “on the town”.

With the increasing dependence on digital devices, or more specifically desk top computers and laptops, there is a need for another pair of corrective eyewear dedicated to such purposes.  While progressive lenses provide the capability of reading at various distances, people who are on their computers for many hours of the day may find it a strain to keep their head up to read their monitor or find that the visual field of clarity is too small.  A dedicated pair of computer specific lenses would provide a wide range of viewing for the computer monitor and thus be much more comfortable with less eye, neck and shoulder fatigue.

If reading is your forte for which you spend a good deal of time, then a pair of reading glasses might be a welcome addition to your progressive lenses since the reading area in progressive lenses is minimal.  It would also help for those who like to read in bed as the reading material can then be held anywhere without having to find the “sweet spot” for reading as in a progressive lens.

Last but not least, it is always a good idea to have a backup pair of glasses, particularly if you can’t function without your prescription eyewear.  If you have an accident and break your glasses or lose them, your backup glasses can save the day.  With a  spare pair of glasses you continue with your regular routine and have something to wear while your primary glasses are fixed or replaced.

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